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8-Bit Bayonetta
System(s): Browser (HTML5), Steam
Publisher: Platinum Games
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
FREEfree 567090

8-Bit Bayonetta is a web-based shooting game developed by Platinum Games and published on their website. It features Bayonetta drawn in the style of an 8-bit or 16-bit sprite against a single unmoving background. Gameplay consists of the player jumping on the spot, shooting waves of enemies.

The game was made available for free on Steam on 31 March 2017, possibly to time it with April Fools day. It was a modified version of the HTML5 original, released as a teaser for the upcoming Steam port of Bayonetta. The game now had two separate fire buttons each having a limit on how many bullets are allowed on the screen. Steam Achievements were added, the icons of which made up a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of Bayonetta with a link to the teaser site drawn on it. The teaser site was a countdown toward 11 April 2017. The store page was removed from Steam on 11 April 2017 when the main Bayonetta game came out on the platform. However, like all free games on Steam with a store page removed, one can still make Steam download the game with a simple command.

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