Aisystem Tokyo

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Aisystem Tokyo
Founded: 1989-05-02
Headquarters: Japan

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Aisystem Tokyo (アイシステム東京) was/is a division of a company "Ai-system."


SG-1000 Mark II

  • Solomon no Kagi (1988/01 - date and console do not match what we have for that game; possible different one?)

Mega Drive



Unspecified Arcade

  • 金魚すくい (not sure what platform; 1999/09)
  • エアーブレード (not sure what platform; 1999/10 — is this Change Air Blade by Sammy? if so it's on Seta-Sammy-Visco hardware, not anything by Sega)
  • ゴーゴカウボーイ (not sure what platform; 2000/03)

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