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Mega Drive version

Fantasy Zone mini-game

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Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf contains a number of references to Fantasy Zone (namely the "sound select" screen, which has an Opa-Opa cameo), however it also contains an obscure Fantasy Zone mini-game.

To access it, the player needs to hit the ball 100 times on the first stage without getting to the green. Doing so will trigger a game over screen. On that screen, the player needs to input UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightA and they will be taken to a watered down version of the first Fantasy Zone stage, Plaleaf.

The aim is not to destroy bases (it's an option, though destroying both bases will end the game), but instead simply stay alive. There is no scrolling, though if Opa-Opa travels to the edge of the screen, he will appear at the other edge. Getting killed will end the game. B shoots forward, C drops bombs, and the score increases as time goes on. Opa-Opa's shots can counter enemy projectiles in this mini-game, and every enemy requires several shots to be destroyed.

Ozaki Naomichi no Super Masters does not have this mini-game; instead, the Game Over screen shows a still image drawn by Toyo Ozaki and hangs.


Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
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