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Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, United States

AtGames is a company which develops and distributes embedded gaming units, downloadable mobile games, and also is the sole distributor of Sega's console and PC games in Greater China. It was founded in 2001 in Bermuda and since then has gone on to distribute its products across the world.

AtGames manufactures their own consoles which typically match or emulate Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System or Sega Game Gear hardware to varying degrees of accuracy. Their operations are surprisingly large, with a number of "consoles on a chip" being produced by them in the last ten years. Though responsible for the hardware (and often happy to place their name on the units), much of AtGames' product range are distributed by smaller companies across the world, who in turn tend to give the products their own branding.

AtGames' products typically use a built-in game selection system named "Firecore" licensed from a different company.

In the wake of the 25th anniversary of the Mega Drive's November 1990 UK release, the AtGames Mega Drive (which features built-in games and a cartridge slot) experienced a 400% UK sales surge in November 2015, in the run up to Christmas 2015.[1]

Sega-related products

The number of distributors and naming inconsistencies across AtGames' product range has lead to much confusion, therefore these may not be the "official" names of AtGames' products.


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