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Super Hang-On bike

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Start the "World Championship" mode with the "Master" difficulty and name yourself HANG-ON! (skip nationality with the "ED" option). Go through qualifiying and the first race (you can pause and "retire" from both) and save your game when prompted to do so.

Perform a soft reset, and this time start "Free Practice" mode. Select "Image Training" and when the screen showing grid and laps appears, hold Down+A until the "Transmission Select" screen appears. If performed correctly, the race should start with you riding the bike from Super Hang-On (in third person).

The different perspective means that the Super Hang-On bike appears bigger than the opponent cars, and when it crashes, Formula One-style wheels still "fall off".

This code does not work with consoles that lack a soft reset (e.g. the Sega Nomad).


Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II

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