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Pad test

BattleManiaDaiginjou MD PadTest.png

When the game is powered on when no controller is plugged in, or an unsupported controller is plugged in (e.g. a Sega Mouse or a Menacer), a controller test will appear on startup. After connecting a proper controller (or two), the player can press the buttons to light up their respective inputs on-screen.

Additional information is also displayed on this screen:

  • MODE: The console's region setting. Displays "JAPAN" for Japanese and Asian systems, or "ABROAD" for International systems.
  • VMOD: The console's video mode. Displays either "NTSC" or "PAL"
  • VER.NO.: Displays a 1 if the console has the TradeMark Security System, or a 0 if it doesn't have TMSS.

Stage select[1]

BattleManiaDaiginjou MD StageSelect.png

Highlight the B.G.M. option on the Options menu, set it to SILENCE and press A 4 times. Next, change it to NOTHING 13 and press A 3 times. Then, start a new game to display the stage select menu.


Battle Mania Daiginjou

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