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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 1994-xx-xx 576 KByte (HU), "Október 1994"
VD 19 RU.pdf Logo-pdf.svg 1995-08-14 Velikiy Drakon (RU), ""
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-08-14 Velikiy Drakon (RU), "" Tips
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-xx-xx Top Secret (PL), "Wrzesień 1995" Tips
Logo-pdf.svg 1995-xx-xx Magazina Igrushek (RU), "4/1994" Tips
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-03-04 Velikiy Drakon (RU), "" Tips
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-10-03 Velikiy Drakon (RU), "" Tips
Logo-pdf.svg 1997-03-15 Velikiy Drakon (RU), "" Tips