Battletech: Gray Death Legion

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Battletech: Gray Death Legion
System(s): Sega Mega-CD, Sega Saturn
Publisher: Absolute Entertainment
Developer: Imagineering
Licensor: FASA Corporation
Planned release date(s): 1995-01[1]
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up
Number of players: 1
Status of prototype(s): Mega-CD prototype dumped

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Battletech: Gray Death Legion is an unreleased mech shooter game set to be published by Absolute Entertainment, and based on FASA's Battletech universe. The game was set to use a first-person perspective for the action, and is similar to Absolute's RDF: Global Conflict.

Initially announced for the Sega Mega-CD, development was moved to the Sega Saturn[2], where it appeared in some form at E3 1995. The game was put on indefinite hold in late 1995 due to the poor state of Absolute's finances[3].

At some point in the 2000s, a prototype of the Mega-CD version was found, which was later given an unlicensed commercial release by Good Deal Games.

Magazine articles

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega-CD
1995-01-05 CD-R Page


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