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Bay Route
Publisher: Sunsoft (US), Sega (JP)
System(s): Sega System 16B
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (System 16)
¥? ?
Arcade (System 16)
$? ?

Bay Route is a 1989 run-and-gun game for the Sega System 16B by Sega and Sunsoft. You play as a guy who must destroy some enemy organization that is holding hostages with an arm cannon that can switch between several weapons with one button and shoot with another button. A third button jumps.

Production credits

  • Program: Yoshitaka Kawabe
  • Design: Kazuyuki Sugiura, Rieko Sakai, Masayuki Aikawa
  • Sound: Vial Music, Michie Takemori, Shinichi Seya
  • Directer: Kiharu Yoshida
  • Special Thanks: Richard Robbins, Michael Aieta, Michael Mendheim, Kouichi Kitazumi, Akito Takeuchi, Hirokatsu Fujii, Hiroaki Higashiya, Yoshiaki Komada, Masato Kawai
  • ©Sega/Sunsoft 1989
Source: In-game credits

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