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Sunsoft logo.svg
Founded: 1971-04-16
T-series code: T-15
Headquarters: Kounan, Aichi, Japan

Sun Electronics (サン電子) is a Japanese company founded on April 16, 1971. Sunsoft (サンソフト) is their video game label. They have been responsible for developing and publishing numerous games since 1978, including several Sega-licensed games. Interestingly they were also responsible for porting several Sega games to the Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan.

For reasons unknown, all Japanese Sega Mega Drive games published by Sunsoft resemble their Famicom game covers — their covers printed backwards (except in Panorama Cotton), the front being on the left of the spine, rather than the right, and cases around the size of the cartridge.

After Telenet Japan defuncted, Sunsoft purchased most of the company's intelectual properties.


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