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Bubble and Squeak
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Original system(s): Amiga
Sound driver: Krisalis sound driver
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$45.99More...[1] T-15096
Sega Mega Drive
£39.99More...[2] T-15096-50
Sega Mega Drive
?F T-15096-50
Sega Mega Drive
DM ? T-15096-50
Sega Mega Drive
?Ptas T-15096-50
Sega Mega Drive
$69.95More...[4] FBUB04SMC

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Bubble and Squeak is a platform-puzzle game developed by Fox Williams and published by Audiogenic Software. Initially released for the Amiga, it was ported to the Sega Mega Drive in 1994 by Sunsoft. It also saw a release on the short-lived Amiga CD32 console.

During development the game appears to have been called Barnie and Clyde.


In the game you control a child named "Bubble" who has command over an alien named Squeak who will follow Bubble around and will allow him to access new areas. A shoots a spark straight ahead to hit enemies. B jumps. You must find Squeak in each level; use C to get him to follow you when you do.

Production credits

  • Executive Producer: David Siller
  • Co Producer: Sam Patel
  • Executive Vice-President: Rita Zimmerer
  • Technical Manager: Al Artus
  • Chairman: Masami Maeda
  • Vice Chairman: Tad Shimamoto
  • Director Sunsoft Japan: Kiharu Yoshida
  • Marketing Director: Karen Shadley
  • Excellent Debugging: Darin Horgan, Steve Rizor, Mario Zavala, Rene Boutin, Dan MacArthur, Justin Siller, Sam Patel
  • Game Play Manual: Alison Quirion
  • Executive Assistant: Nanette Hyssong
  • Customer Service: Kaz Harman, June Eckert, Julie Williams, Jamie Jorgensen, Erin Berry, Dawn Phillips
  • Special Thanks to: Bruce Reilly, Cathy Juby, Mark Luszsz, Toko Okano, Connie Perez, Steve Gehrke, Kazuaki Goto, Masato Kawai, Geoff Gillis, Tom Juarez, Karen Lillie, Akito Takeuchi, Sherry Ross
Source: In-game credits

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

MegaPlay US 0501.pdf

Print advert in Mega Play (US)No results # ()
also published in:
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #57: "April 1994" (1994-xx-xx)More...[5]
  • GamePro (US) #57: "April 1994" (1994-xx-xx)More...[6]
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #58: "May 1994" (1994-xx-xx)More...[7]
  • VideoGames (US) #66: "July 1994" (1994-xx-xx)More...[8]
  • Game Players (US) #0710: "Vol. 7 No. 10 October 1994" (1994-xx-xx)More...[9]

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
91 More...[2]
88 More...[10]
85 №25, p75
90 More...[11]
84 №12, p96
80 №63, p60
88 №38, p52/53
Sega Mega Drive
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Mega Drive, US
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Mega Drive, EU
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Mega Drive, AU
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 28c4a006
MD5 316c4eec04d89235978d17d06da33bba
SHA-1 0457b0220c86f58d8249cbd5987f63c5439d460c
512kB 1994-05 Cartridge (US)
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 86151bf1
MD5 e82e2cb58886f0d62f6fb71ea786fef6
SHA-1 092b21f33991e42f993fb8ee1de1c31553a75f68
512kB 1994-05 Cartridge (EU)


Bubble and Squeak
BubbleandSqueak Title.png

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