Myst (Mega LD)

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Myst (Mega LD)
System(s): Sega Mega LD
Publisher: Pioneer LDC
Developer: Brian A. Rice, Inc.[1]
Licensor: Sunsoft
Genre: Interactive Movie[2]
Number of players: 1
Status of prototype(s): Prototype dumped

Myst is an unreleased Sega Mega LD full-motion video graphic adventure game developed by Brian A. Rice, Inc. and scheduled to be published by Pioneer LDC in 1995. A port of the titular 1993 Cyan game Myst, development was virtually completed in 1995 (with the game even receiving an official Japanese publishing code, PEASJ1035) when a video playback bug was discovered which rendered the game unplayable.[1] Combined with poor sales of the Pioneer LaserActive, Myst ultimately never materialized.

In modern years, two prototype discs have been discovered and preserved by private collectors.


A hardware bug in the Pioneer LaserActive leads to inconsistent behavior of screen transitions after a certain amount of playback time.[1] Either a workaround was unable to be developed, or the resources needed to develop it were not appropriated due to the impending failure of the LaserActive platform. All prototype discs exhibit this bug and are unable to be played normally.


The game was 99% complete, the graphics looked beautiful for the day... some scenes that had animations in it that used the Sega graphics to overlay the video look "so, so"... many animations and all transitions were rendered to the videodisk with a half dozen Macintoshes we had running for a couple of months. For example, a wipe left, or a dissolve forward, would take up 6 frames on the videodisk and we would play the 6 frames to do an animated transition... unfortunately, there was a hardware bug that caused the transition occasionally to not stop after the 6th frame and keep on playing through other scenes. So, this prevented the game from ever being released.

Brian A. Rice, Inc. founder Brian Rice[1]

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) Myst Myst
Japanese ミスト Myst

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Mega LD, 02-110

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Mega LD, 02-111

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Mega LD, Prelimary box art
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