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LA Express
Publisher: Pioneer
Country of origin: Japan
Backed systems: Pioneer LaserActive
First issue date: 199X-XX
Last issue date: 1996-02
Number of issues: 14

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LA Express: LaserActive New Disc Information is a Pioneer LaserActive promotional publication released by Pioneer. Only published in Japan, each of the 14 issues contain promotional features on upcoming software and is more akin to a brochure. Additionally, each issue ends with a buyer's guide which lists all available LaserActive software.

Back issues

LA Express Vol. 1, 199X
LA Express Vol. 2, 199X
LA Express Vol. 3, 199X
LA Express Vol. 4, 199X
LA Express Vol. 5, 199X
LA Express Vol. 6, 199X
LA Express Vol. 7, 199X
LA Express Vol. 8, 199X
LA Express Vol. 9, 199X
LA Express Vol. 10, 1994
LAExpress Vol11 cover.jpg LA Express Vol. 11, 1994
Contains promotional features for Don Quixote: A Dream in Seven Crystals, J.B. Harold Blue Chicago Blues, Back to the Edo and other software.
LAExpress Vol12.pdf LA Express Vol. 12, March 1995
Contains promotional features for Time Gal, Road Blaster, J.B. Harold Blue Chicago Blues and other software. Notably, this issue features the unreleased Sega Mega LD port of Myst.
LAExpress Vol13 cover.jpg LA Express Vol. 13, 1995
Contains a promotional feature for Goku. Notably, this issue features the unreleased Sega Mega LD port of Myst, as well as the unreleased game Legacy.
LAExpress Vol14.pdf LA Express Vol. 14, February 1996
Contains a promotional feature for 3D Virtual Australia.
Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 Vol. 1 199X-XX
2 Vol. 2 199X-XX
3 Vol. 3 199X-XX
4 Vol. 4 199X-XX
5 Vol. 5 199X-XX
6 Vol. 6 199X-XX
7 Vol. 7 199X-XX
8 Vol. 8 199X-XX
9 Vol. 9 199X-XX
10 Vol. 10 1994-XX
11 Vol. 11 1994-XX
12 Logo-pdf.svg Vol. 12 1995-03
LAExpress Vol12.pdf
13 Vol. 13 1995-XX
14 Logo-pdf.svg Vol. 14 1996-02
LAExpress Vol14.pdf


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