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Computer Interface PAC
Made for: Pioneer LaserActive
Manufacturer: Pioneer
Type: Computer interface
Release Date RRP Code
Mega LD
¥1480014800 PAC-PC1

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The Computer Interface PAC, sometimes stylized as Computer Interface Pack, is a Pioneer LaserActive hardware expansion module which allows the system to be controlled by an NEC PC-98, IBM PC DOS, or Apple Macintosh personal computer[1], by way of a custom program authored to communicate via the PAC's 25-pin serial port. The PAC is the only Japan-exclusive Pioneer LaserActive peripheral.

The PAC shipped with floppy discs containing the LaserActive Program Editor, including sample programs for use with the first five Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki LaserDisc releases. The PAC additionally shipped with the Computer Interface Pack Remote Control Unit, providing more functionality than the standard Remote Control Unit that was included with the system.


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English (US) Computer Interface PAC Computer Interface PAC

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