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Multimedia Creators Network
Founded: 199X
Defunct: 199X
Headquarters: Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

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Multimedia Creators Network, also known as MmCN, Studio Garage, and Media Garden, and and known internally as From Garage Group, was a Japanese video game development group commissioned by Pioneer to produce LaserDisc-based content for their LaserActive platform.[1]


The group consisted of digital and analog artists, programmers, musicians, and media creators assembled by Japanese ambient musician Jotaro Nonaka (aka Eiki Nonaka). As renting space for the group's development studio would have been significantly expensive in Tokyo, Nonaka instead converted his own house into the development studio, with his living room becoming a professional recording studio. The physical studio was named Media Garden Studio (in reference to the large Japanese garden that surrounded the property), and two companies were formed to manage the studio's affairs: Studio Garage Inc.[1], and Media Garden Inc. (the latter of which remains in business as MediaGarden, Inc..)[2]

As video producer Hiyoruki Nakano wished to have three-dimensional sound accompany the three-dimensional visuals in 3D Museum, Nonaka became one of the first professional clients of Roland Corporation's RSS spatial audio technology.[1]



So while we started to develop our plans for various titles, and started to produce some video clips and music tracks to see how they would to fit to LD-ROM, we had to develop the authoring software with our programmers, who were hired from outside of Pioneer, and basically, we would try out the system, make a master disk to test and play them on the machine using actual controllers, mesure [sic] the seek time for each actions made, and tweak the program to make it work, and repeat the process until we had something workable.[1]

Multimedia Creators Network founder Jotaro Nonaka




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