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Media Garden Co., Ltd., also known as Media Garden Studio, is a Japanese video production company notable for working closely with developers Multimedia Creators Network and Studio Garage to produce multimedia titles for the Pioneer LaserActive. [5][1] Founded in 1994 by Jotaro Nonaka, the company is named after the physical location of Multimedia Creators Network's development studios (which were housed in Nonaka's Japanese garden-surrounded home.)


The Yokohama-based main offices and film studio of Media Garden.

Multimedia Creators Network head Jotaro Nonaka founded Media Garden in 1994 after the development of that company's final Pioneer LaserActive title, Goku, and was inaugurated as company President and Representative Director.

While the company was officially founded after the release of Multimedia Creators Network's last title, the group was active as early as 1992, and are pre-credited on all the studio's LaserActive releases.

In January 2021, the company merged into Japanese video production conglomerate TREE Digital Studio.[2]


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