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Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Manufacturer: Nintendo
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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), originally released in Japan as the Super Famicom (スーパーファミコン) is a video game console originally released in 1990 by Nintendo.

The North American SNES was different in aesthetic from the original design used by the Japanese Super Famicom and the European SNES, but they are otherwise identical from a technical perspective, and so on Sega Retro are treated as one system.

The SNES was the successor of the NES. The SNES was also the main rival of the Sega Mega Drive, during what is often known as the 16-bit era. See Sega Mega Drive/Hardware comparison (Super NES) for a technical comparison between the SNES and Mega Drive hardware, as well as Blast processing for related North American marketing campaigns.

Sega support

Only one game from Sega was available on the Nintendo system; Columns. In 1999 Media Factory were allowed to make a version for Nintendo's Japan-exclusive Nintendo Power rewritable cartridge service.

List of Sega games for the Super Famicom