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Shaq Fu
System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Sound driver: GEMS
Peripherals supported:
Sega Mega Drive
Six Button Control Pad
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$69.9569.95[1] 728301
Videogame Rating Council: MA-13
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
£54.9954.99[3] E290SMXI
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Game Gear
$39.9539.95[1] T-50038
ESRB: Teen
Non-Sega versions

Shaq Fu is a Sega Mega Drive fighting game developed by Delphine Software International and published by Electronic Arts. Endorsed by and starring American professional basketball star Shaquille O'Neal (also known as Shaq), it was first released in the United States and Europe in October 1994, and also saw an American-exclusive Sega Game Gear port the following year courtesy of Tiertex.

Shaq Fu is most notable both for its extensive use of Delphine's distinctive rotoscoping techniques for visibly-fluid fighter animations, and for its unfortunate modern reputation as one of the worst video games ever released. Unlike other games which legitimately deserve the title, Shaq Fu is instead a victim of other factors: the novelty of its seemingly-bizarre premise, its strikingly-campy kung fu film-inspired title, and most importantly, that it stars a recognizable and humorous celebrity personality in a fighting game. In recent years, Shaq Fu has since seen a critical re-evaluation as a fairly standard fighting game with smooth animations and competent gameplay.[5][6]


Long ago and far away, in a place called The Second World, there ruled the heartless sorcerer Sett Ra. His hunger for power still gnawed at him even though his dominance over the Second World was unchallenged; he longed to extend his grasp to the fair First World, Earth.

Sett Ra's Plan was simple. He would destroy the Pharaoh of Egypt and usurp his throne. He created a perfect assassin from his own shadow who would serve him without question. This shadow became beast, the mightiest and most loyal of all Sett Ra's minions. Beast destroyed the Pharaoh, and the disguised Sett Ra soon sat upon his throne.

However, the Pharaoh son Ahmet was not deceived. He brazenly confronted the powerful sorcerer, threatening to reveal him. Sett Ra escaped from the palace to the Great Desert, where his grandfather, Leotsu the Wise, dwelt as a monk and hermit. Leotsu and Ahmet united with a coven of powerful wizards from the lands beyond Egypt, and their combined power was able to send Sett Ra back to the Second World, comatose and imprisoned within a rune-encrusted pyramid. He slumbered for a millennium, bound by the wrappings of a mummy. Beast roamed the Second World, dedicated to finding and releasing his dread master. Successful at last, Beast and Sett Ra vow to wreak havoc on those who stopped them before.They have gathered a battalion of formidable fighters to further this end.

To regain his full strength and to end his exile from the First World, Sett Ra must perform an ancient ritual upon a descendant of Ahmet. Beast has now returned from Earth with the child Nezu, a child in whose veins the royal blood runs pure. All is ready for the final cataclysmic battle-only the Chosen One can stop Sett Ra now. One who possesses strength, spirituality, courage, agility, intelligence, and unsurpassed skill in the martial arts. Where will the world find such a one? Only Shaq knows.


Basic Moves

  • Fast Kick: B
  • Power Kick: C
  • Fast Punch: Y
  • Power Punch: Z
  • Blocking: Hold Left to block high and mid-range attacks, or hold Down-left to block low attacks. Blocking Special Attacks will cause a minimal amount of damage to the blocker.
  • Shield: Pressing Down + A makes characters create a shield around them. The shield will block projectile attacks, but other attacks will go through.
  • Throw: Characters can throw when up close by pressing Left+A.
  • Taunt: Press X to taunt. Taunting will leave a character open to attack. It doesn't do anything.
  • Fury Bar: As a character takes damage, their Fury Bar will charge up. When it is full, the word "FURY" will appear on it and the character will deal slightly more damage for a while.
  • Dizzy: If a character is hit multiple times in a row without dealing any damage themselves, they risk being dizzied. When dizzy, a character will be stunned on the ground while stars rotate above them. Recover from a dizzy by pressing buttons rapidly.


Shaqfu auroch.png
Auroch is a simple outlaw that fights for pleasure. He taunts anything that crosses his path. Auroch's stage is The Wasteland.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 456
Age: 170
Origin: 2nd World

Move list
Name Command Description
Boomerang Left Right+B Pulls out a boomerang from behind his back and tosses across the screen. He cannot move until the boomerang either hits his opponent, or reaches its farthest distance, and then returns.
Ball and Pain Right Down-right Down Down-left Left+C Pulls out a giant spiked ball and chain, then lashes out with it twice straight ahead.
Shaqfu beast.png
Created by Sett from his own shadow, Beast is the mightiest of Sett's servants. His stage is Dragon's Pass.

Height: 6'10
Weight: 410
Age: Eternal
Origin: Unknown

Move list
Name Command Description
Thermal Blast Down Down-left Left+B Spits out a large, close-ranged puff of flame.
Spitfire Down Down-right Right+B Spits out a fireball projectile that travels across the screen.
Sonic Roar Right Down-right Down Down-left Right+C Roars and the screen flashes, which will hit the opponent from any place on the screen.
Roar Down+X Roars. No damage, but an alternate taunt.
Shaqfu colonel.png
A celestial champion. Battered, shattered, and almost dead, Colonel was found by Beast on an obscure battlefield, the sole survivor of a fierce struggle. His stage is The Lab.

Height: 6'4
Weight: 357
Age: 42
Origin: Bio Corp

Move list
Name Command Description
Heavy Metal Down Down-right Right Left+B Extends his arm, which opens up to reveal a gun. He then shoots rapidly across the screen.
Bionic Burst Down Down-right Right+B Punches twice straight forward with extending arms.
Missile Launch Down Down-left Left Right+A Launches a small missile out of his back, which homes in on his opponent.
Shaqfu diesel.png
A longshoreman from the San Francisco docks, Diesel spends more time brawling than handling cargo. His stage is Yasko Mines.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 205
Age: 30
Origin: USA

Move list
Name Command Description
Dash Upper Down Down-right Right+B Dashes forward very quickly and uppercuts his opponent up close.
Crate Crusher Right Down Down-left Left+B Throws a volley of energy-charged punches in front of him at various angles.
Dockside Dagger Right Left+B Throws a small dagger projectile across the screen.
Shaqfu kaori.png
Forced to obey Sett's will by the power of an enchanted ring, Kaori is the martial arts champion of an alien feline race. Her stage is Catwalk Falls.

Height: 5'3
Weight: 123
Age: 23
Origin: Cimotha

Move list
Name Command Description
Cat's Claw Down Down-left Left+B Slashes with her arms and sends a spiralling wave projectile across the screen.
Cyclone Down Down-left Left+C Spins into a cyclone and moves forward. Holding C will cause her to move forward until the move runs out. She will turn back to normal when she hits her opponent.
Energy Bomb Left Down-left Down Down-right Right+C Tosses a ball of energy at the ground a short ways in front of her, which creates an explosion.
Teleport Kick Left Down-left Down Down-right Right+B Vanishes in a puff of smoke, then appears over her opponent and drops onto them with a kick.
Shaqfu leotsu.png
Leotsu is the last grand master of an ancient martial art, one that remains a mystery to the other masters. His stage is North Gate.

Height: 5'4
Weight: 118
Age: 500
Origin: Far East

Move list
Name Command Description
Blast Kai Down Down-left Left Right+B Launches a ball of energy from his Bo across the screen.
Bo Kai Down Down-right Right+B Pulls out his Bo, then takes a quick jab forward with it.
Flash Kai Right Down Down-right Right+C Pulls out his Bo and the screen flashes, damaging his opponent from any location.
Shaqfu mephis.png
Mephis is a mighty undead sorcerer who was once Sett's apprentice thousands of years ago. His stage is Gargoyle's Peak.

Height: 5'7
Weight: 165
Age: Unknown
Origin: Unknown

Move list
Name Command Description
Lightning Arc Left Down-left Down Down-right Right+C Raises his hands into the air, then a second later the screen will flash and a lightning bolt will hit his opponent from any place on the screen.
Lightning Jaws Down Down-right Right+B Tosses a snapping dragon head made of electricity across the screen.
Burning Touch Down Down-left Left+B Spins and tosses some powder into the air in front of him.
Shaqfu nezu.png
Kidnapped by Beast to free Sett, Nezu is uncontrollable when angered. Although small, Nezu is agile, swift, and cunning. His stage is South Gate.

Height: 4'6
Weight: 77
Age: 12
Origin: Far East

Move list
Name Command Description
Time Vault Right Left Down+A Tosses a slow fireball forward. If it touches the opponent, it will make them unable to move for a bit.
Eno Blast Down Down-left Left Right+C Tosses a ball of energy at the ground, which remains there until the opponent steps on it, at which point it explodes. Nezu may only have one Eno Blast onscreen at a time.
Eno Flip Down Down-left Left+C Lays an Eno Blast on the ground and backflips twice. After he's finished his backflips, the Eno Blast will explode.
Eno Shot Left Down-left Down Down-right Right+B Tosses a fireball projectile across the screen.
Shaqfu rajah.png
A young mystic and skilled swordsman, Rajah submitted to Sett's sorcery while exploring the netherplans with his spirit. His stage is Vagabond Temple.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 210
Age: 38
Origin: 2nd World

Move list
Name Command Description
Thunder Clap Right Down Down-right Right+B Pulls out both his scimitars and smacks them together in front of him causing the screen to flash.
Sword Shockwave Left Down Down-left Left+C Spins his scimitars and plants them into the ground, sending a wave projectile along the ground.
Scimitar Spiral Right Down-right Down Down-left Left+B Pulls out both his scimitars and attaches them handle-to-handle, then tosses them across the screen.
Shaqfu settra.png
An entity of ancient evil, Sett was defeated and entombed in another dimension ages ago. His stage is Tombstone Island.

Height: 6'10
Weight: 212
Age: 3000
Origin: Unknown

Move list
Name Command Description
Mummy Wrap Right Down-right Down Down-left Left+B Strikes forward with his arms, and extends a bunch of mummy wrapping for longer range.
Wedge Charge Right Down Down-right Right+A Quickly dashes straight across the screen to ram his opponent.
Cosmic Missile Down Down-left Left+C Blasts an energy bolt projectile across the screen.
Shaqfu shaq.png
Shaq is a dominating force on and off the hoops court, rookie of the year, perennial all star and founder of Shaqido.. an extremely lethal martial art form.

Height: 7'1
Weight: 301
Age: 22
Origin: USA

Move list
Name Command Description
Inferno Kick Down Down-right Right+C Performs a high flaming roundhouse kick.
Shaq-urikin Right Left Right+A Tosses a spinning blade projectile across the screen.
Shaqfu voodoo.png
Many have fallen prey to Voodoo's ancient magic. She uses her power to hunt Sett's enemies. Her stage is The Forest.

Height: 5'8
Weight: 143
Age: 27
Origin: Haiti

Move list
Name Command Description
Eagle Claw Left Down-left Down Down-right Right+B Raises her hand and conjures an eagle onto it, which she tosses across the screen.
Voodoo Doll Down Down-left Left+C Pulls out a doll of her opponent and a knife as well. Pressing any attack button will make her stab the opponent and damage them from anywhere on the screen.
Earthquake Right Down Down-right Right+A Slams the ground with both hands and damages any opponent standing on it.


Shaqfu wasteland.png

The Wasteland
Auroch's stage

Shaqfu dragonspass.png

Dragon's Pass
Beast's stage

Shaqfu thelab.png

The Lab
Colonel's stage

Shaqfu yaskomines.png

Yasko Mines
Diesel's stage

Shaqfu catwalkfalls.png

Catwalk Falls
Kaori's stage

Shaqfu northgate.png

North Gate
Leotsu's stage

Shaqfu gargoylespeak.png

Gargoyle's Peak
Mephis's stage

Shaqfu southgate.png

South Gate
Nezu's stage

Shaqfu vagabondtemple.png

Vagabond Temple
Rajah's stage

Shaqfu tombstoneisland.png

Tombstone Island
Sett's stage

Shaqfu theforest.png

The Forest
Voodoo's stage


Shaq Fu: Stand and Deliver

Specifically-marked copies of the game included the promotional single Shaq Fu: Stand and Deliver.
Main article: Shaq Fu: Stand and Deliver.

Included for free with specific copies of Shaq Fu was a CD single performed by Shaquille O'Neal, Shaq Fu: Stand and Deliver. Containing the rap song Stand and Deliver, the CD came enclosed in a small cardboard sleeve which fit inside the main box, and was also available for mail order directly from the publisher itself.


Compared to the original Mega Drive version, the handheld Game Gear port features a selection of only six playable characters, and lacks both the original game's tournament mode and its digitized voice samples.

Production credits

Mega Drive version

  • Project Manager: Paul Cuisset
  • Design Lead: Paul Cuisset
  • Lead Programmer: Thierry Gaerthner
  • Programmer: Arnaud Carre
  • Lead Graphic Artist: Thierry Levastre
  • Graphic Artist: Valerie Amghar, Stephane Aussel, Michele Bacque, Thierry Bansront, Gregory Beal, Eric Caron, Michaël Douaud, Laurent Dreno, Serge Fiedos, Herve Gaerthner, Elie Jamaa, Frederic Michel, Christophe Moyne, Olivier Nicolas, Fabrice Tete, Cecile Thomas, Jean-Marc Timert, Paul Tumelaire, Roman Vaidis
  • Music: Raphael Gesqua
  • Assistant Producers: Jeff Brown, William Schmitt, John Vilandre
  • Testing: Jeff Brown, Ryan Enslow, Chris McCall, Chip Probst, Matt Vella, John Vilandre, Michael Yasko
  • Executive Producer: Don Traeger
  • Producer: Jim Rushing
  • Associate Producer: Greg Suarez
  • Product Manager: Lisa Higgins
  • Documentation: Valerie Hanscom, Michael Humes
  • Package Direction: Nancy Fong
  • Package Design: 13th Floor, Dave Parmely
  • Stuntmen: Remi Canaple, Patrick Cauderlier, Abi Espanol, Marc Le Loeuff, Dany Rocca, Phil Vitt
  • Special Thanks: Leonard Armato, Tim Brengle, John Brooks, Lori Christensen, Jean Charles Meyrignac, Shaquille O'Neal, Management Plus, Sarah Smith, Dennis Tracey
In-game credits
Shaq Fu MD credits.pdf

Game Gear version

  • Shaq Fu Game Gear Was Converted by: Tiertex Ltd
  • Programmers: Donald Campbell, Dave Stead
  • Project Management: Dympna Forkin, Thierry Gaerthner
  • EA Management Team: Don Traeger, Jim Rushing, Greg Suarez, John Vilandre
  • Tiertex Testing: Gary Marshall, Lee Walker
  • EA Testing: Anji Mayfield, Heather Meigs
  • Original Graphics: Thierry Levastre for Delphine
  • Converted by: Kevin Knott at Tiertex
  • Music Originated by: Raphael Gesqua
  • Game Gear Music and Effects: John Prince
  • Special Thanks: Dany Boolauck, Lori Christensen, Paul Cuisset, Anne-Marie Joassim, Shaquille O'Neal, Management Plus, Sarah Smith, Dennis Tracey, Jean Charles Meyrignac
  • Product Management: Lisa Higgins

Magazine articles

Main article: Shaq Fu/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Main article: Shaq Fu/Promotional material.

Physical scans

Mega Drive version

Sega Retro Average 
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Sega Mega Drive
Division by zero.
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Sega Retro Average 
Publication Version Score
1700 igr dlya Sega (RU)
Cool Gamer (RU)
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Computer + Video Giochi (IT)
Entsiklopediya luchshikh igr Sega. Vypusk 1 (RU)
Game Players (US) NTSC-U
GamePro (US) NTSC-U
GamesMaster (UK) PAL
GamesMaster (UK) PAL
Games World: The Magazine (UK) PAL
Joypad (FR) PAL
LeveL (CZ)
Mega (UK) PAL
Mean Machines Sega (UK) PAL
Next Generation (US) NTSC-U
Player One (FR)
Play Time (DE) PAL
Score (CZ)
Sega Magazin (DE)
Sega Power (UK) PAL
Sega Force (SE)
Sonic the Comic (UK) PAL
Todo Sega (ES)
Tricks (RU)
Tricks 16 bit (RU)
Video Games (DE) PAL
VideoGames (US)
Sega Mega Drive
Based on
28 reviews

Shaq Fu

Mega Drive, US
Shaqfu md us cover.jpg
Shaqfu md us cart.jpg
Shaq Fu MD US Manual.pdf
Mega Drive, US (Free CD)
ShaqFu MD US freecd back.jpgNospine.pngShaqFu MD US freecd front.jpg
Shaqfu md us cart.jpg
Shaq Fu MD US Manual.pdf
ShaqFu CD US front.jpg
CD sleeve front
ShaqFu CD US back.jpg
CD sleeve back
Mega Drive, EU
Shaqfu md eu cover.jpg
Shaqfu md eu cart.jpg
Shaq Fu MD EU Manual.jpg
ShaqFu MD EU pcb.jpg
Mega Drive, EU (Free CD)
ShaqFu MD EU freecd cover.jpg
Mega Drive, PT
Shaq-Fu Portugal.jpg
Mega Drive, AU
Shaq Fu MD AU Cover.jpg

Game Gear version

Sega Retro Average 
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Sega Retro Average 
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Game Players (US) NTSC-U
Sega Game Gear
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Shaq Fu

Game Gear, US
ShaqFu GG US Box Back.jpgNospine.pngShaqfu gg us cover.jpg
Shaqfu gg us cart.jpg
Shaq Fu GG US Manual.pdf

Technical information

Main article: Shaq Fu/Technical information.

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Shaq Fu

Shaq Fu Title.png

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