Shaq Fu: Stand and Deliver

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Shaq Fu: Stand and Deliver
Publisher: Zomba Recording Corporation
Record label: Jive
Artist: Shaquille O'Neal
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
(Shaq Fu)
$0.000.00 728347
Compact Disc
(Mail order)
$10.9810.98 728347

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Shaq Fu: Stand and Deliver is a promotional CD single performed by Shaquille O'Neal and published by Zomba Recording Corporation. Included for free with purchase of the titular October 1994 fighting game Shaq Fu, the single contains the rap song Stand and Deliver, and was also available for mail order directly from Zomba.


The song Stand and Deliver was later included on certain later releases of O'Neal's similarly-promoted rap album Shaq Fu: Da Return.[2][3]

Track list

1. Stand and Deliver (4:17) 
Running time: 4:17

Production credits


Physical scans

CD, US (Mega Drive)
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CD, US (Mail order)

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