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Power Athlete/Deadly Moves
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Kaneko[1] (JP) Kaneko USA (US), Samsung (South Korea)
Genre: Action[2][3], Fighting

Number of players: 1-2
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Mega Drive
    ¥8,500 (8,755)8,500e[2] T-33033
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Non-Sega versions

    Power Athlete (パワーアスリート) is a 1992 fighting game for the Sega Mega Drive and Super NES developed by System Vision and published by Kaneko. In the US, the Mega Drive version was renamed Deadly Moves, with the Super NES version becoming Power Moves. Both the Japanese and US versions use English text.


    Joe, a young American martial artist, decides to challenge the eight Fighting Masters throughout the world in order to become the world's strongest fighter and dethrone the reigning champion.


    Deadly Moves MD, Character Select.png

    Opponent select

    The game is a fighting game that plays on a two-dimensional plane like a beat-'em-up. The winner of a match is whichever fighter is the first to win two rounds. Rounds have no time limit.

    In the single-player mode, the player plays as Joe and can challenge any of the Fighting Masters in any order, except for the final boss, Ranker, who must be challenged last. After defeating an opponent, Joe's statistics are increased. Opponents can be challenged multiple times to level up more. The game ends if Joe loses a match, but it can be continued a limited number of times. The player is also given a password after each victorious match that tracks which opponents have been defeated and Joe's statistics. The player can change the difficulty level (between eight settings) and the number of starting credits in the options. There is also a two-player versus mode where two players can challenge each other as any fighter (except the final boss). Players must choose different characters.

    Fighters can move from side to side with Left or Right but also in and out with Up and Down. Moving in or out of the plane can be done to avoid attacks. There are effectively three layers (a background, middle, and foreground); fighters in the foreground or background layers cannot hit each other, but fighters in the middle lane can hit opponents in any lane (and can, in turn, be hit by them). Fighters jump with C. They punch with A and kick with B, either of which can also be done while jumping. Every character has special moves performed using special button combinations.

    Defending is done by holding the D-Pad away from an attacking opponent, which negates all of the damage from the attack (though some special moves still do a small amount of damage when blocked). There are no combos since fighters recover quickly enough from any hit that the next hit can be blocked. Fighters can throw by pressing Right+A+B in close range (or Left+A+B when facing left), which cannot be blocked.


    In the single-player game, each fighter is rated on multiple statistics.

    • SPD: Determines the fighter's movement speed.
    • JMP: Determines how high the fighter can jump.
    • STR: Determines the strength of the fighter's attacks.
    • DEF: Determines the amount of damage taken by normal attacks (but not special moves or throws).
    • LIF: Determines how much health the fighter has.

    The main character Joe gains stats after each victorious match. For most of the categories, the amount gained increases when there is a greater disparity between Joe and the opponent in that particular stat (and no amount is gained if the defeated opponent has less of a stat than Joe has). The exception is the LIF stat, which increases depending on how much health Joe has at the end of each round.


    Note: Move lists assume that the character is facing right. When facing left, Left and Right should be reversed.

    P Punch
    K Kick


    Joe is the only playable character in the single-player mode, but the other characters can be played in the versus mode.

    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Joe (ジョー)
    United States of America U.S.A.
    An American fighter. The single-player mode follows Joe's journey to become the champion of champions.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Kikou Ken Left Right+P+K Joe shoots a fireball from his hands.
    Super Nova Right+P+K Joe flies diagonally upwards with a double palm strike.
    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Warren (ウォーレン)
    United States of America U.S.A.
    A Hawaiian fighter. Warren uses his large size and powerful strikes to compensate for his cowardice.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Big Wednesday Left Right+P+K Warren rushes across the screen with a shoulder tackle. He travels faster and further if Left is held for longer.
    Rolling Dropkick P+K during jump Warren rotates through the air while performing a dropkick.
    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Vagnad Rovnoski (バグナド・ロフノスキー)
    Russia Russia
    A huge Siberian wrestler with onyx skin. Vagnad learned to fight while held in a concentration camp.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Double Arm Right+P+K Vagnad spins forward while holding an arm out like a lariat.
    Double Powerbomb Down+P+K (close) Vagnad grabs and slams the opponent head-first into the ground twice.
    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Buoh (舞王)
    Japan Japan
    A Japanese kabuki performer. Buoh is a master of ninjutsu, kung fu, karate, aikido, and kobudo.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Rolling Hair Attack Right+P+K Buoh whips his long hair out.
    Dancing Smoke Down+P+K Buoh disappears in a puff of smoke, then reappears on the edge of the screen. Buoh is momentarily invulnerable while performing the move, and the opponent can be damaged by it if close enough.
    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Gaoluon (百竜 or ガオロン)
    China China
    A Chinese martial artist. Gaoluon has mastered the hard-fist method of the northern Chinese fighting style.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Twin Flying Dragon Right+P+K Gaoluon throws his two crescent moon knives out, which return to him like boomerangs. Gaoluon cannot do anything until he catches the blades again.
    Moonsault Kick Up+P+K Gaoluon backflips through the air with a kick.
    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Reayon or Li Yong (麗栄 or リーヨン)
    Thailand Thailand
    A Thai martial artist born in China and the only female fighter. Reayon has mastered the flexible-fist method of the northern Chinese fighting style.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Dancing Crash Left Right+P+K Reayon lunges forward with a punch, then steps back.
    Shooting-Down Kick Up+P+K Reayon stands on a hand and kicks straight into the air.
    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Baraki Kimera (バラキ・キメラ)
    Kenya Kenya
    The head of Kenya's Opa Opa Tribe. He is also a member of the secret organization "Junk."
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Fire Storm Right+P+K Baraki shoots a fireball from his hands.
    Diving Roller Left Right+P+K Baraki curls into a ball and rolls forwards through the air. He travels faster and further if Left is held for longer.
    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    Nick (ニック)
    Spain Spain
    A Spanish matador. Nick prefers to use knives when fighting, and is a member of the secret organization "Junk."
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Killer Nails Left Right P+K Nick throws three knives across the screen.
    Dancing Storm Down+P+K Nick performs two low kicks, then stands on his hands and spins with a split kick.


    The final boss is not playable.

    Deadly Moves MD, Characters.png
    United States of America U.S.A.
    A mysterious fighter who appeared suddenly and began winning victories against the other champions with strength that had never been seen before.


    Joe travels to a different country to face each Fighting Master in the single-player game. In the two-player mode, players can choose any stage.

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Warren.png

    United States of America Warren
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Warren.png

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Vagnad.png

    Russia Vagnad
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Vagnad.png

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Buoh.png

    Japan Buoh
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Buoh.png

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Gaoluon.png

    China Gaoluon
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Gaoluon.png

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Reayon.png

    Thailand Reayon
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Reayon.png

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Baraki.png

    Kenya Baraki
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Baraki.png

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Nick.png

    Spain Nick
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Nick.png

    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Ranker.png

    United States of America Ranker
    Deadly Moves MD, Stages, Ranker.png

    Bonus stages

    Bonus stages appear after every three opponents defeated (not counting rematches). They award bonus points, with a perfect awarding 50,000 points.

    Deadly Moves MD, Bonus Stage 1.png

    Bonus stage 1
    There are four targets, and Joe must hit each target as it lights up. This repeats 30 times in as many seconds. Jump kicks can hit two targets at once.

    Deadly Moves MD, Bonus Stage 2.png

    Bonus stage 2
    Balls fly in from both sides, and Joe must hit them away before they hit the ground and explode. There are 30 balls in as many seconds.


    The Mega Drive and Super NES versions of Power Athlete are virtually the same game, save for a few minor graphical differences and performance. For example, Joe uses blue "bracelets" in the Mega Drive version, while on Nintendo's console they are red. Shadows are also semi-transparent on the Super NES, as opposed to the solid black seen on the Mega Drive. There are other minor palette changes, witnessed in areas such as the upgrade screen.

    Beating an opponent in the Mega Drive version also leads to a longer victory sequence, in which, rather than calculating a score and fading straight to black, the background fades and then the score is calculated.

    The Character Select/Bonus Stage theme from the SNES version adds voice samples.

    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English (US) Deadly Moves Deadly Moves
    Japanese パワーアスリート Power Athlete

    Production credits

    In-game credits[4]

    Magazine articles

    Main article: Deadly Moves/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

    Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1992-08: "August 1992" (1992-07-08)
    Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1992-12: "December 1992" (1992-11-07)
    Print advert in Game Informer (US) #8: "January/February 1993" (199x-xx-xx)

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    Beep! MegaDrive (JP) NTSC-J
    Electronic Games (1992-1995) (US) NTSC-U
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    Deadly Moves

    Mega Drive, JP
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    Technical information

    Main article: Deadly Moves/Technical information.


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    Deadly Moves

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