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Raiden Trad
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Original system(s): Arcade boards
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥8,800 T-22043
Sega Mega Drive
$? 22036
Sega Mega Drive
R$? ?

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Raiden Trad, known as Raiden Densetsu (雷電伝説) in Japan, is a 1991 shoot-'em-up published by Micronet for the Sega Mega Drive exclusively in the US and Japan. It is an expanded port of Seibu Kaihatsu's 1990 arcade shoot-'em-up Raiden and the only game in their Raiden series of shoot-'em-ups on a Sega console.

A European release was planned by UbisoftMore...[3] but it did not materialise.


A and C fire. By default, holding down the button will fire repeatedly but with delay between each shot. By turning on rapidfire in the options, C will fire three shots in a row before a short delay (A remains unchanged). B drops a bomb, which you have a limited supply of. Powerups are both collected from enemies and by destroying objects found throughout the levels (such as crates). Weapon upgrade powerups will cycle between two options.

The main weapon upgrade powerup, which is just a solid red or blue color, serves dual purpose. Bullets are "red," lasers are "blue." If you collect a main weapon upgrade of the same color as the weapon you have, the weapon is upgraded; otherwise, your current weapon is lost and you switch to the other one.

Two types of sub weapons are available: "missile" and "homing".


Though other third parties have ported it to various other systems, Mega Drive version was ported by original developer. When played on "normal" difficulty level, the game is the closest port of the 16bit era. The SNES content has cut content, the PC-Engine versions have more colorful graphics, but slight changes in stage layout and scrolling speed. Exclusive to the Sega is a 9th stage simply called "special stage", accessed after clearing the game once. This stage has all new graphics and a new boss.

This is a multregional release, the title changes depending on the systems coutry setting.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) Raiden Trad Raiden Trad
Japanese Raiden Densetsu (雷電伝説)

Production credits

  • Program: K.KONDO, H.MORI
  • Music: AKIRA

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Promotional material

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Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
65 №1991-07, p32[4]
70 №, p84[5]
67 №1, p73[6]
68 №135, [1]
76 №28, p51[7]
78 №4, p42
91 №40, p142[8]
50 №1991-08, p87
70 №19, p195
81 №1, p81[9]
79 №1, p79[10]
81 №15, p132/133[11]
60 №15, p106[12]
80 №23, p54
68 №24, p23
76 №2, p66[13]
58 №5, p33[14]
44 №18, p66
91 №12, p33[2]
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