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Fatal Fury
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Sega (Japan, Europe), Takara (US)
Licensor: SNK
Original system(s): Neo Geo
Developer(s) of original games: SNK
Sound driver: SMPS 68000
Genre: Action[1][2]

Number of players: 1-2
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • 日本語
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Mega Drive
    ¥8,8008,800 G-4100
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    £39.9939.99[4][6] 1083
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Tectoy: 13+
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Non-Sega versions

    Fatal Fury, known as Garou Densetsu: Shukumei no Tatakai (餓狼伝説 宿命の戦い) in Japan, is the first in a successful line of versus fighting games developed by SNK. Originally released for Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware in 1991, the game was ported to a variety of home platforms including the Sega Mega Drive in 1993. The Mega Drive version was handled by a team comprised of staff from Japanese developers Gai Brain and Aspect, and was published by Takara.


    Terry and his younger brother Andy were orphans who raised themselves on the streets of South Town. They were adopted by Jeff Bogard, a master martial artist, who was later brutally murdered by the local crime boss Geese Howard for threatening to expose his wrongdoings.

    Ten years later, Geese Howard now rules over every aspect of South Town. He has decided to organize a fighting tournament, called "The King of Fighters," gathering fighters from all over the world, including himself. Terry and Andy, who have both been honing their martial arts skills over the last decade, enter the tournament with intentions to avenge their adoptive father.


    Fatal Fury MD, Character Select.png

    Character select

    Fatal Fury MD, Gameplay.png


    The game is a one-on-one fighting game. Two fighters try to knock each other out using a combination of punches, kicks, throws, and special moves. Matches are fought to the best of three rounds, with each round having a 60-second time limit. If time runs out, the fighter with the most vitality remaining is the winner. Stages have two layers, a foreground and a background lane, that can be moved between freely in order to dodge attacks.

    Characters move with Left and Right and crouch with Down. They jump with Up and flip back and forth with Up-left and Up-right. Characters can punch with A or kick with B. Though there is only one punch and one kick button, each character has three different standing punches and three different standing kicks depending on the distance to the opponent (far, close, or very close), in addition to different attacks when crouching or jumping. Every fighter also has special techniques performed by inputting specific directions with an attack button.

    Characters can throw nearby opponents by holding the D-Pad toward the opponent and pressing C. They can block attacks by holding the D-Pad in the opposite direction of the opponent. Blocking while standing guards against high attacks (from a standing or jumping opponent), while blocking while crouched defends against both high and low attacks.

    Characters switch between lanes with Up+C. If an opponent is already in a different lane, the character can switch lanes with Up or perform a jumping attack across the lanes with A or B. Some attacks knock the opponent into the opposite lane.


    There is a single-player story mode that can be played as Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, or Joe Higashi. The player can choose to fight Tung Fu Rue, Duck King, Michael Max, and Richard Myer in any order before facing Raiden and finally Geese Howard. The second and fifth fights are interrupted by a challenge from one of the other playable characters. The game has limited continues.

    There is also a versus mode where players can play a single match as any character against a computer or another human player (or watch two computer players fight).

    There are three difficulty levels for computer-controlled opponents (Easy, Normal, and Hard).


    Note: Move lists assume that the character is facing right. When facing left, Left and Right should be reversed.

    P Punch
    K Kick
     THROW  Throw

    Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi are the only playable characters in the single-player story mode. All of the characters except Geese Howard are immediately playable in the versus mode (though Geese is playable by holding Left on both controllers and pressing  START  on the screen where the player chooses between a human or computer opponent).

    The characters of Billy Kane and Hwa Jai are absent in this version of the game.

    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD TerryBogard sprite.png

    Terry Bogard
    Terry Bogard is a 20-year-old fighter who is the older brother of Andy Bogard and son of Jeff Bogard. He was raised learning the legendary fighting techniques of his father, becoming an expert in ancient martial arts. Like Andy, he has joined the tournament to avenge their father's death and free South Town from the evil hands of Geese Howard.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Burning Knuckle Down Down-left Left P Terry leaps forward with a burning fist.
    Power Wave Down Down-right Right P Terry punches the ground, causing a wave of energy to roll across the floor.
    Slam Attack Hold Down for 2 seconds, then Up+P Terry spins into the air while upside down and holding an arm out. This move can only hit airborne opponents.
    Supershot Kick Down Down-left Left Up-left K Terry jumps forward while kicking in a circle.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD AndyBogard sprite.png

    Andy Bogard
    Andy Bogard is a 19-year-old man born in South Town. After his father's death, he left for Japan to learn karate techniques and become stronger. Now he is back to avenge his father and to prove that he can beat his older brother, Terry Bogard.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Flying Punch Down Down-left Left P Andy shoots a long-ranged burst of ki energy from his palm.
    Dragon Bullet Down Down-right Right Up-right P Andy jumps into the air while fanning his arms around him.
    Body Spin Left Down-left Down Down-right Right P Andy charges forward while ramming with his shoulder and knee.
    Shotgun Kick Hold Down-left for 2 seconds, then Up-right+K Andy launches off the ground with his hands, flying feet-first toward his opponent.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD JoeHigashi sprite.png

    Joe Higashi
    Joe Higashi is a 19-year-old kickboxing champion with a strong reputation in Thailand and his native Japan. He is a good friend of the Bogard brothers and joined the tournament to help them, even risking expulsion from the Professional Kickboxing Association for it.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Hurricane Uppercut Left Down-left Down Down-right Right P Joe punches into the air, generating a cyclone that moves across the ground.
    Machine-gun Punch PPPPP Joe punches rapidly in a cone shape in front of him.
    Slash Kick Hold Down-left for 2 seconds, then Up-right+K Joe turns and launches himself forward with a flaming kick.
    Tiger Kick Down Down-right Right Up-right K Joe flies forward with a knee strike.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD TungFuRue sprite.png
    FatalFury MD TungFuRue BigForm sprite.png

    Tung Fu Rue
    Tung Fu Rue is a 67-year-old man who seems harmless at first but can be very dangerous when angered, as he can transform into a monstrous shape and become extremely strong. He was the teacher of Jeff Bogard. After the death of Bogard, Tung Fu decided to confront Geese Howard in the tournament, as he is certain that it was Geese who killed him.

    He transforms into his "big form" when he is down to two-thirds vitality, then back into his "small form" when he is down to one-third vitality.

    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Palm Slap (small form) Down Down-right Right P Tung shoots a short-ranged burst of ki from his palm.
    Flying Wheel Kick (small form) Down Down-left Left K Tung rolls on the ground and through the air, coming down with a kick.
    Hurricane Punch (big form) Down Down-right Right P Tung flies through the air while spinning with his fists extended.
    Hurricane Kick (big form) Down Down-right Right K Tung hovers in place and spins while kicking blasts of ki in either direction.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD DuckKing sprite.png

    Duck King
    Duck King is a 24-year-old fighter who has specialized in a "street-dancing" style, which grants him faster movements and rapid attacks to make up for his lack of power in comparison to other fighters.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Cannonball Attack Down Down-right Right Up-right K Duck King rolls into a ball and flies diagonally upward like a cannonball.
    Head Spin Attack Left Right P Duck King rolls into a ball and flies across the screen like a cannonball.
    Screw Attack Hold Down for 2 seconds, then Up+P Duck King spirals into the air with his arms crossed. This move can only hit airborne opponents.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD MichaelMax sprite.png

    Michael Max
    Michael Max is a 25-year-old professional boxer who would rather battle to the death than follow the rules.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Footwork Left Left or Right Right Michael hops backward or forward.
    Gust Straight Punch Left Right P Michael dashes forward with a straight punch.
    Tornado Uppercut Down-left Down Down-right Right P Michael punches into the air, generating a cyclone that moves across the ground.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD RichardMyer sprite.png

    Richard Myer
    Richard Myer is a 29-year-old fighter who has specialised in the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, which focuses attack power through multiple kicks. He owns a restaurant called the Pao Pao Cafe and joined the tournament to show everyone what he and his fighting style can do.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Handstand Kick Down Down-left Left K Richard does a handstand and kicks multiple times.
    Rolling Attack Down Down-right Right K Richard leaps forward while performing cartwheel kicks.
    Spider Kick Down Up K Richard rises into the air while spinning his legs around him in kicks. In the Pao Pao Cafe stage, he grabs onto the railing mounted to the ceiling and can move with Left or Right.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD Raiden sprite.png

    Raiden is a 27-year-old professional wrestler who has decided to conceal his true identity and go for the violence of fighting with no rules.
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Escape Footwork Left Left Raiden hops backward.
    Killer Fog Left Right P Raiden blows a poisonous mist in front of him.
    Rocket Attack Down Down-left Left P Raiden throws himself across the screen with a flying headbutt.
    Cobra Clench Left+ THROW  (close) Raiden grabs and lifts his opponent by the face.
    Fatal Fury, Characters.png
    FatalFury MD GeeseHoward sprite.png

    Geese Howard
    Geese Howard is a 38-year-old fighter whose skills encompass many styles, from ancient Japanese martial arts to American street-fighting. It was he who killed Jeff Bogard, the father of Terry and Andy, after luring him into a trap, and he now rules South Town. He is also the sponsor of the "King of Fighters Tournament."
    Move list
    Name Command Description
    Escape Footwork Left Left Geese hops backward.
    Violent Wave Left Down-left Down Down-right Right P Geese sends a violent shockwave across the ground.
    Counter Throw Left+ THROW  Geese catches a jumping attack from his opponent and counters with a throw.


    Every enemy fighter has his own stage where matches take place in the single-player game. In the versus mode, players can choose the stage. Most stages have recolored variants at later times of day for the second and third rounds.

    FatalFury MD HowardArena.png

    Howard Arena
    Tung Fu Rue's stage.

    FatalFury MD WestSubway.png

    West Subway
    Duck King's stage.

    FatalFury MD SoundBeach.png

    Sound Beach
    Michael Max's stage.

    FatalFury MD PaoPaoCafe.png

    Pao Pao Cafe
    Richard Myer's stage.

    FatalFury MD DreamAmusementPark.png

    Dream Amusement Park
    Raiden's stage.

    FatalFury MD GeeseBuilding.png

    Geese Building
    Geese Howard's stage.


    This version removes the characters of Hwa Jai and Billy Kane from the roster. Instead, the player is challenged by the other two main characters over the course of the single-player mode. Hwa Jai makes a cameo in the background of Duck King's stage, and Billy Kane can be seen in the background of Richard Myer's stage. The bonus rounds have been removed as well. The two-on-one battles from the original game (when a second player joins in the middle of a match against the computer) have been removed, and a second player cannot join during a single-player game. Instead, there is a dedicated versus mode. Players can play as any character in the versus mode (with Geese Howard available via a cheat code).

    The Super NES port discards the two-lane system for conventional one-lane fights. It includes Hwa Jai and Billy Kane but only allows the second player to control characters besides Terry, Andy, and Joe. The arm-wrestling bonus rounds from the original version were replaced with bonus stages where the character punches flying tires.

    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English Fatal Fury Fatal Fury
    English (US) Fatal Fury Fatal Fury
    Japanese 餓狼伝説 宿命の戦い Garou Densetsu: Shukumei no Tatakai

    Production credits

    • Director: T.Ikenoue, T.Ishigai
    • Planner: T.Sunakawa, N.Uematsu
    • Graphic: A.Yamada, K.Hodaka, T.Saitou, T.Nakajima, J.Kawaura, Y.Miyamoto
    • Programmer: H.Koiso, T.Ishigai
    • Sound: K.Oikawa, K.Mikusa
    • Thanks: Yumopii, Fera-Kichi, Kuroyuri
    • Special Thanks to: SNK Co., Ltd All Staffs
    Fatal Fury Original Game Designed for Neo-Geo/SNK
    In-game credits
    Fatal Fury MD credits.pdf

    Magazine articles

    Main article: Fatal Fury/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

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    79 [9]
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    1700 igr dlya Sega (RU)
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    Fatal Fury

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    Technical information

    Main article: Fatal Fury/Technical information.


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