Calorie-kun vs. Moguranian

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Calorie-kun vs. Moguranian
System(s): Arcade
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action

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Calorie-kun vs. Moguranian (カロリーくん vs モグラニアン) is a 1986 arcade game by Graphic Techno EW (a partnership between VIC Tokai and Seibu Lease) and released by Sega in Japan.

You play as an egg-shaped being (presumably Calorie-kun) who must navigate through a maze, eating everything on screen. The first button causes the character to attack by blowing or spitting(?) something out of its mouth; this can be used to knock enemies back, set of bombs, destroy enemies by knocking them into bombs, etc. The only mode of veritcal movement is with ladders. You can also drop bombs with the second button; exactly when is unknown.

A similarly designed mole creature would later appear as the boss of Level 5 in Decap Attack.

Promotional material

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