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VIC Tokai
Founded: 1977-03[1]
Defunct: 1998 (stopped game production)
T-series code: T-23
Headquarters: Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan

VIC Tokai (株式会社ビック東海) is a telecommunications company and subsidiary of Tokai originally established in March 1977 as Yaizu Cablevision, a cable television provider. In May 1978, its name was changed to VIC Tokai. [1] (VIC currently stands for "Valuable Information & Communication" but used to stand for "Video Information Center." [2]). The company was involved with video games from about 1984 until 1997 and had operations in the US and Europe. [3]

A number of VIC Tokai's internally-developed games were actually co-developed with Seibu Lease, with employees of both companies working in the same office. Seibu Lease primarily handled planning and graphics, while VIC Tokai handled programming and sales. It is unknown how long this partnership, named Graphic Techno EW lasted. It does appear VIC had its own graphic artists, at least later on.


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