Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken

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Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Yoji Katakura, Shogakukan, Pierrot
Sound driver: SMPS Z80
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥5,800 G-4041

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Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken (まじかるハットのぶっとびターボ!大冒険) is a 1990 game for the Sega Mega Drive developed by VIC Tokai and published by Sega to tie into Studio Pierrot's Magical Hat anime series. While this game was never released outside Japan, its story, graphics, level layouts, and music were changed into those of Decap Attack.


Down crouches. B punches. C jumps. You can jump on enemies to temporarily stun them or multiple times to destroy them; punching will always destroy enemies. You can punch while in mid-air, but not while crouching. A opens an inventory window where you can select items to use, such as better attacks.

Production credits

  • Producer: Sugea the Monster
  • Programmer: Doctor Suzuki, K. Iwa, Nabe-Chan
  • Character Designer: Dark Side Toshi, Porten
  • Map Designer: Paul Weller
  • Sound Composer: Anzaki Waraco
  • Director: Credit Company

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

BeepMD JP 1991-01.pdfBeepMD JP 1991-01.pdf

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1991-01: "January 1991" (1990-12-08)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
58 №1991-01, p32[1]
62 №, p85[2]
84 №112, p92/93[3]
58 №117, [1]
63 №11
50 №1991-01, p42
70 №13, p113
84 №5, p93
100 №23, p53
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Mega Drive, JP
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 e43e853d
MD5 d3bfc88e31c01a89b1660c514baab7f2
SHA-1 1a741125a80ba9207c74a32e5b21dbb347c3c34a
512kB 1989-01 Cartridge (JP)