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Set up to 5 credits

ChaseHQII MD US 5Credits.png

On the title screen, press HOLD DownC A A B A A C A A. Now on the options screen, you will be able to set up to five starting credits, rather than just three.

Stage select

ChaseHQII MD StageSelect.png

On the title screen, press HOLD LeftB B C A B C B C A. This will add a "STAGE" option to the options menu, although only the first three levels can be selected. Game Genie codes A3XT-AAGN + AZXT-AAGG will allow the fourth and fifth levels to be selected[1].

Alternative vehicle colours

ChaseHQII MD US AltColours.png

On the title screen, press HOLD UpA C B B A C A C B. Now when selecting a vehicle, the sports car will be yellow, the 4 wheel drive truck will be green and the semi truck will be blue.


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Chase H.Q. II

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