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Headquarters: Taiwan

Chuanpu was a Taiwanese developer (and publisher) of unlicensed Sega Mega Drive games (mostly RPGs) in the 1990s. Very little is known about them as a company, except that they shared staff members and code with various other companies, including Sun Green, Gamtec and Never Ending Soft Team — which may indicate a deeper situation going on in the Taiwanese unlicensed game industry. Later in the 2000s, Chuanpu became a movie company making films based on their RPGs/Strategy game named Shui Hu Zhuan.

Starting with Ya Se Chuan Shuo, Chuanpu's games incorporated the version of Data East's Side Pocket sound driver used by High Seas Havoc, which would eventually find its way into nearly every unlicensed game made after, including a number of fighters (some stealing their music from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition, which also steals the driver).


Games marked with a ? are unconfirmed Chuanpu.

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