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Chuanpu logo.png
Founded: 199X
Defunct: 1996

Chuanpu Technology, also known as Jam Port and simply Chuanpu, was a Taiwanese unlicensed video game developer and publisher which specialized in the production of strategy role-playing games for the Sega Mega Drive. Later in its existence, the company reformed as a film production studio dedicated to making movies based on one of their more popular games, Shui Hu Zhuan.


Chuanpu was closely related to developers Never Ending Soft Team, Gamtec, and Sun Green; staff were shared between the companies, and identical code is utilized in their respective games.

Due to the decline of 16-bit video game consoles in China, Chuanpu was closed in 1996. Sometime in the late 2000's, the company was reformed as a film production studio and began making movies based on their 1996 strategy role-playing game Shui Hu Zhuan.

Sound driver

Around 1995, Chuanpu's games exclusively utilized the version of Data East's Side Pocket sound driver used in the 1991 action platformer High Seas Havoc; this driver would eventually find its way into the significant majority of unlicensed Sega Mega Drive games.


Mega Drive

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