Never Ending Soft Team

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Never Ending Soft Team
Headquarters: Taiwan

Never Ending Soft Team was a Taiwanese developer of unlicensed Sega Mega Drive games in the 1990s. Very little is known about them as a company, except that they shared staff members and code with various other companies, including Gamtec and Chuanpu — which may indicate a deeper situation going on in the Taiwanese unlicensed game industry.


Mega Drive

Chuanpu games with their name in it

ROM:00100250 aBattleSystem:  dc.b '*BATTLE SYSTEM*  '
ROM:00100261                 dc.b 'Written by TSUI-ChienHua '
ROM:0010027A                 dc.b 'NeverEnding-SOFT  '
ROM:0010028C                 dc.b 'TAIWAN,TAICHUNG   '
ROM:0010029E                 dc.b '1994,1995',0
ROM:0010076B aBattleSystem:  dc.b '       *BATTLE SYSTEM*  '
ROM:00100783                 dc.b 'Written by TSUI-ChienHua         '
ROM:001007A4                 dc.b '(C)1995 NeverEnding-SoftStudio  '
ROM:001007C4                 dc.b 'IN TAIWAN,TAICHUNG   ',0

SKOB games with their name in it

ROM:00100758 aSango5SlgBattl:dc.b ' *SANGO 5* SLG BATTLE SYSTEM  '
ROM:00100776                 dc.b 'Written by TSUI-ChienHua   '
ROM:00100791                 dc.b '(C)1997 NeverEnding-Soft Team   '
ROM:001007B1                 dc.b 'IN TAIWAN,TAICHUNG   '
ROM:0010072A aBattleSystem:  dc.b '       *BATTLE SYSTEM*  '
ROM:00100742                 dc.b 'Written by TSUI-ChienHua         '
ROM:00100763                 dc.b '(C)1997 NeverEnding-SoftStudio  '
ROM:00100783                 dc.b 'IN TAIWAN,TAICHUNG   '