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Play as Ginger in "Gekan"

ClockworkKnight2Fuku Ginger 1.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku Ginger 2.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku Ginger 3.png

On the mode select screen, press UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightLRLR.

If done correctly, a chime will play. Simply start "Gekan" as normal, and you will be playing as Ginger!

Ginger plays almost identically to Pepper apart from moving faster, having a higher jump and a faster attack sequence. A double jump is also a feature exclusive to Ginger.

Note: In horse riding levels, the character remains as Pepper riding Barobaro.

Unlock Movie #7, #8, #14 and #1

ClockworkKnightFukubukuro M7.png

ClockworkKnightFukubukuro M8.png

ClockworkKnightFukubukuro M14.png

ClockworkKnightFukubukuro M1.png

To unlock Movie #7 and #8 in the Movie On Parade, simply complete "Joukan" in normal or hard mode. Likewise, to unlock Movie #14 in the Movie On Parade, simply complete "Gekan" in normal or hard mode.

To unlock Movie #1 in the Movie On Parade, complete both "Joukan" and "Gekan" in normal or hard mode. Upon doing so, all movies apart from #16 will now be available to view.

Unlock Secret Movie #16

ClockworkknightFukubukuro Secret 1.png

ClockworkknightFukubukuro Secret 3.png

Clear the Boss On Parade mode without dying to get the result Kanpeki Knight (かんぺきナイト). Upon doing so, the hidden Movie #16 titled Omake - Pepperouchau Tonjou Mubi (おまけ - ペパルーチョ誕生ムービー) will now be available to watch in Movie On Parade.

Mini Games

ClockworkknightFukubukuro Secret 2.png

ClockworkknightFukubukuro MiniGames 1.png

ClockworkknightFukubukuro MiniGames 2.png

Upon completing the Boss On Parade mode with the rank of Kanpeki Knight (かんぺきナイト), a special code is given. To use it, simply head back to the Bosses Galore mode and enter the code UpUpRightRightDownDownLeftLeftXYZ.

A chime will sound and the text "MINIGAME" will appear on screen.

Pressing  START  on the menu will bring you to a list of the following mini games:

  • Gotogoto Barobaro (ごとごとバロバロ)
  • Dokadoka Taihou (どかどかタイホウ)
  • Harahara Jump (はらはらジャンプ)
  • Suisui Kingyo (すいすいキンギョ)
  • Ponpon Taihou (ぽんぽんタイホウ)
  • Fuwafuwa Jump (ふわふわジャンプ)
  • Gusagusa Fork (ぐさぐさフォーク)

Boss Select

ClockworkknightFukubukuro BossSelect.png

In the Boss On Parade mode, enter the code XXXXXYYYYYYYZZZZZ.

A chime will sound and the text "BOB" will appear on screen.

UpDown will scroll through the different boss names.

When you find the boss you want to fight, simply press  START  and then select your Knight as normal.

You can select any boss from "Part 1" or "Part 2", including :

  • Bob (Dandy Bob)
  • Jetter (Double Jetter)
  • Popot (Chef de Popot)
  • Kong (Iron Kong X)
  • TV (Crazy TV)
  • Snake (Funky Snaky)
  • Paper (Paper Morphy)
  • Octopus (Captain Octopus)
  • Castle (King Gears)
  • Last Boss (Garluch The Dragon)

Hidden CG Images

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG01.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG02.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG03.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG04.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG05.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG06.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG07.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG08.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG09.png

ClockworkKnight2Fuku CG10.png

Unlocking Movie #1 in Movie On Parade will allow you to watch all of the cutscenes in order for Clockwork Knight "Part 1" and "Part 2" from start to finish.

In between some of the cutscenes, special CG renders of each level will be shown as above. There are 10 in total.

Date Specific Title Screens

ClockworkknightFukubukuro TNewYear.png

ClockworkknightFukubukuro TWinter.png

ClockworkknightFukubukuro TValentines.png

ClockworkknightFukubukuro TXmas.png

On certain days (according to the Sega Saturn's clock), Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro's title screen will change to one of the following special screens:

  • New Year's Day: 1st January
  • Winter Special: 20th January
  • Valentine's Day: 14th February
  • Christmast Day: 25th December

In addition to the above, all standard cheat codes and tricks for Clockwork Knight and Clockwork Knight 2 work as normal for each game.


Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro


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