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Club Saturn
Record label: Breakdown Records
Artist: Xpressive Records, Duderella, Remarc, Balouga Boys, Kenny Ken, D'Cruze, Dream Team, Marshall Jefferson, Back 2 Basics, Richard Jacques, Mr. Time, Lewi, Acorn Arts, Paul 'Trouble' Anderson
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Compact Disc
MM 86013-2
Compact Disc

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Club Saturn is a compilation of remixes of tracks from popular Sega Saturn games. The European release includes the Sega Flash Vol. 2 demo disc for the Saturn.

Track Listing

1. Nights - Expressive Records Drum & Bass Mix (5:54) 
Remix by: Xpressive Records (Darren Hickey)
2. Daytona Racing - Duderella House Mix (5:05) 
3. Virtua Cop - Remarc Jungle Mix (4:34) 
Remix by: Remarc (Marc Forrester)
4. Sonic 3D - Balouga Boys House Mix (4:49) 
Remix by: Balouga Boys (Darren Hickey, Steve Lloyd)
5. Athlete Kings - Kenny Ken Jungle Mix (5:23) 
Remix by: Kenny Ken (Ken Delsol)
6. Sega Rally - D'Cruze Trip Hop Mix (5:29) 
Remix by: Jay D'Cruze
7. Baku Baku - Dream Team Drum & Bass Mix (5:08) 
Remix by: The Dream Team (Brian Johnson, Dean Vincent)
8. Virtua Fighter - Marshall Jefferson House Mix (5:17) 
Remix by: Marshall Jefferson
9. Fighting Vipers - Back2Basics Recordings Drum & Bass Mix (4:45) 
Remix by: Back2Basics (Jason Ball)
10. Nights - Richard Jacques Ambient Trance Mix (5:12) 
Remix by: Richard Jacques
11. Duel (Golden Axe) - Mr. Time (of Krome & Time) Jungle Mix (5:00) 
Remix by: Mr. Time (Bernard Simon)
12. Worldwide Soccer - Richard Jacques Trip Hop Mix (4:11) 
Remix by: Richard Jacques
13. Shinobi X - Remarc & Lewi Jungle Mix (5:10) 
Remix by: Remarc (Marc Forrester) and Lewi (Rodney Lewis)
14. Baku Baku - Acorn Arts Hard House Mix (5:13) 
Remix by: Acorn Arts (Mark Williams, Matt Clayden)
15. Fighting Vipers - Paul 'Trouble' Anderson Avant-Garde Beats Mix (4:35) 
Remix by: Paul Anderson
Running time: 75:45

Promotional material

Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) #14: "December 1996" (1996-11-14)

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