Club Sega 2: Beat Grooves

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Club Sega 2: Beat Grooves
Record label: Marvelous Entertainment
Distributor: Pony Canyon
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,800 (2,940)[1] MJCA-00040

Club Sega 2: Beat Grooves is a 1999 CD album featuring remixes of tracks from Sega Saturn and arcade games. It is a follow-up to Club Sega, released two years previously.

The remixes of "Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu" and "Work It Out" received 12" releases by King Street Sounds.

Track list

1. Work It Out (Eric Kupper 7' Classic Mix) (3:53) 
From: Sonic R
Artist: Dee Dee Brave
Remix by: Eric Kupper

2. Love & Peace (Groove That Soul Mix) (6:26) 
From: Spike Out
Remix by: GTS (Asakawa Masaji, DJ Turbo, Satoshi Hidaka)

3. We Are Burning Rangers (Body & Soul Vocal) (7:34) 
From: Burning Rangers
Artist: Dennis St. James
Remix by: Mattias Heilbronn

4. Theme of Ending (Kanamix) (7:06) 
From: Sega Water Ski
Remix by: DJ Kanami

5. Work It Out (Hex Hector Dub) (7:09) 
From: Sonic R
Remix by: Hex Hector (Héctor Ortiz)

6. ATC - Domination - (Hitomix) (5:27) 
From: LeMans 24
Remix by: DJ Hitomi

7. Dreams Dreams (Roland Clark Main Mix) (4:19) 
From: NiGHTS into Dreams
Artist: Curtis King Jr. and Dana Calitri
Remix by: Roland Clark

8. Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu (Prescription Vocal Club Mix) (8:09) 
From: Panzer Dragoon Saga
Artist: Eri Ito
Remix by: Ron Trent

9. I Just Smile (Maurice's Happy Smile Mix) (7:12) 
From: Burning Rangers
Artist: Pamela Driggs
Remix by: Maurice Joshua

Hidden Tracks:

10. I Just Smile (Vocal Only) (3:41) 
Artist: Pamela Driggs

11. Work It Out (Vocal Only) (2:35) 
Artist: Dee Dee Brave
Running time: 63:31

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