Fukkokuban Sega Saturn Control Pad

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Control Pad
Made for: Windows PC, Mac OS X
Manufacturer: Sega Logistics Service
Type: Control pad
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC
¥2,980 (3,129)2,980e[2] CS2-002
Windows PC
¥2,980 (3,129)2,980e[3] CS2-003
Windows PC
¥2,980 (3,129)2,980e[4] CS2-004
Windows PC
(Champagne Gold)
¥3,280 (3,444)3,280e[6] CS2-005
Windows PC
(Metallic Blue)
¥3,280 (3,444)3,280e[7] CS2-006

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The Fukkokuban Sega Saturn Control Pad (復刻版セガサターンコントロールパッド) is a selection of control pads designed for use with personal computers, namely those which run Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X with USB ports. They were released by Sega Logistics Service (SLS), Sega's Japanese hardware arm.

Sega's USB Control Pads are based on the Japanese model of the original Sega Saturn Control Pad. They were released exclusively in Japan throughout 2004 in celebration of the Sega Saturn's 10th anniversary. There is but one exception to this rule - a pad with PlaySEGA branding which was released to the western world in 2009.

Sega's USB Control Pads contain A, B, C, X, Y, Z, L, R and Select buttons, just like the Sega Saturn, though as the name suggests they are connected to a computer via a USB port. There are eight colour variations (nine if the PlaySEGA pad is included) - grey, white and black pads (with an identical colour scheme their Sega Saturn counterparts), "pure white", metallic blue, pink, white/orange and "champagne gold". The "pure white" pad was bundled with the Mac OS X port of Puyo Pop Fever.

Photo gallery

Physical scans

PC, JP (grey)
SaturnUSBGrey JP Box Front.jpg
PC, JP (white)
SaturnUSB White JP Box Front.jpg
PC, JP (black)
ControlPad PC JP Box Back Black.jpgNospine.pngControlPad PC JP Box Front Black.jpg
PC, JP (champagne gold)

PC, JP (metallic blue)


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