Culdcept Second Expansion

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CuldceptSE PS2 JP SSTitle.png
Culdcept Second Expansion
Publisher: Sega (JP)
System(s): PlayStation 2
Peripherals supported: Keyboard
Genre: Table

Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation 2
¥6,800[1] SLPM-65179
Sony PlayStation 2
JP (The Best)
¥3,000 (3,150)[3][4] SLPM-74411

Culdcept Second Expansion or Culdcept II Expansion (カルドセプト セカンド エキスパンション) is either a sequel to or remake of Culdcept Second, developed by Omiya Soft and published by Sega for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in 2002.

NEC (via NEC InterChannel) released the game in the US as Culdcept. Whether or not Sega had any involvement at all is unknown.

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

PlayStation 2, JP
CSE PS2 JP Box.jpg
CuldceptSE PS2 JP disc.jpg
PlayStation 2, JP
(PlayStation 2 the Best)
CSE PS2 JP Box PS2TheBest.jpg
CuldceptSE PS2 JP disc best.jpg

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