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System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Treco
Developer: Aicom
Planned release date(s): 1990-12[1], 1991
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1

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Dando, known in Japan as Vasum (ヴァザム), is an unreleased Sega Mega Drive sidescrolling action game developed by Aicom. Originally announced at Tokyo Toy Show 1990 and set to be published by Treco in both North America and Japan, the game was cancelled for unknown reasons (although at one point was priced at ¥6,800[1]).

It is been suggested that it may have used similar mechanics to the TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine game The Legendary Axe/Makyou Densetsu and the arcade/NES game, Astyanax/The Lord of King, both developed by Aicom. It is also said to have had RPG-like elements. Given Treco's history, it is unlikely this game would have been released in Europe.

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Dando MD US Flyer.jpg
US flyer
Print advert in VideoGames & Computer Entertainment (US) #24: "January 1991" (199x-xx-xx)
Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1990-12: "December 1990" (1990-11-08)