Data East Music Hacking/Music Pointers

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This is a complete list of all known Sega Mega Drive games that use the Data East Music Engine.

Unless noted otherwise, the pointers are valid for all variants of a game. All song pointers are 32-bit big endian.

Offical games

Game Pointer List Songs Notes
Side Pocket $030DDE $17 early driver version (but DAC driver is similar to newer versions)
High Seas Havoc / Capt'n Havoc / Captain Lang $0D4300 $23 -
High Seas Havoc (Arcade) $0D4320 $23 based on a decrypted ROM data dump from the MAME romset

The music data is slightly different to the Mega Drive version.

Dashin' Desperadoes $053DD8 $20 -
Dashin' Desperadoes prototype $053DD8 $20 -
Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend $0D3FD6 $21 -
Vapor Trail / Kuhga $0445E8 $0D early driver version (song 03 uses 6 FM channels)
Atomic Runner / Chelnov $0311A6 $16 early driver version

Unlicensed games

Game Pointer List Songs Notes
Barver Battle Saga $1DC598 $16 -
Barver Battle Saga (English translation v1.0) $19868A $16 -
Ya Se Chuan Shuo $1DC598 $1D -
Shui Hu Zhuan (Tiger Hunter Hero Novel) $1D98B0 $0E -
Feng Shen Ying Jie Chuan (Heroic Legends of Sealing Gods) $1D98B0 $1A -
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition $0BF366 $0B same music as The King of Fighters '98 and King of Fighters 2000
Shui Hu: Feng Yun Zhuan $1D2152 $0E same music as King of Fighters 99

The songs in this game get reused and "remixed" a lot.

Tun Shi Tian Di III (Conquering the World III) $1DC598 $14 -
San Guo Zhi V (Romance of the Three Kingdoms Part 5) $1DC598 $04 -
Hua Mu Lan: Mulan $05B396 $10 -
Chinese Fighter / Romance of the Three Kingdoms $08DDCC $0A -
Dragon Ball Final Bout $0ADE3E $08 -
Aladdin II $0C07EA $08 -
Sonic Jam 6 $0F47D2 $10 same music as Super Mario 2 1998
A Bug's Life $0C8140 $06 -
Hercules 2 $004006 $08 -
The King of Fighters '98 $0C9B64 $0B same music as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition and King of Fighters 2000
Lion King 3 $0C46F4 $05 -
MK5: Mortal Combat ~Sub Zero~ $0DA7B8 $08 -
Pocket Monsters $049D32 $0C -
Pocket Monsters II $0BA140 $09 same music as Pokemon Stadium
Soul Blade $0A26BA $09 -
Super Donkey Kong 99 $0CC744 $0D -
Super Mario 2 1998 $0F045E $10 same music as Sonic Jam 6
Tekken 3 Special $0AB168 $0A -
Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII $0AE9BC $08 -
Pokemon Stadium $0587DC $09 same music as Pocket Monster II
Samurai Spirits $0B006C $09 -
King of Fighters 99 $0812AA $0C same music as Shui Hu: Feng Yun Zhuan, minus the last 2 songs
King of Fighters 2000 $0C9B36 $0B same music as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition and The King of Fighters '98
Lord of the Rings $08DDCC $0A -


  • All unlicensed games use the sound engine from High Seas Havoc.
  • "Same music" means, that the complete soundtrack (including all sound IDs) is identical to another game.