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Icon Description Xbox Gamerscore PlayStation trophy
DaytonaUSA Achievement FirstPlaceBEGINNER.png First Place BEGINNER 10 PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Win a BEGINNER Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).
DaytonaUSA Achievement FirstPlaceADVANCED.png First Place ADVANCED 10 PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Win an ADVANCED Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).
DaytonaUSA Achievement FirstPlaceEXPERT.png First Place EXPERT 10 PlayStation Trophy Gold.png
Win an EXPERT Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).
DaytonaUSA Achievement SlotMachine.png Slot Machine 15 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
On a BEGINNER Course of ARCADE Mode press "Special" in front of the Slots to stop the 3 reels.
DaytonaUSA Achievement YouJustLostYour.png YOU JUST LOST YOUR... 15 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Find the hidden sign at the dead end in ADVANCED Course of ARCADE MODE.
DaytonaUSA Achievement Flipmode.png Flipmode 15 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
On an EXPERT Course of ARCADE Mode, upend the Jeffry statue by repeatedly pressing "Special".
DaytonaUSA Achievement RepairHORNET.png Repair HORNET 20 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Repair damage in the Pit during Arcade Mode.
DaytonaUSA Achievement RankIn.png Rank In 15 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Upload your record to the Time Trial Mode scoreboard.
DaytonaUSA Achievement ChallengeClear.png Challenge Clear 20 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Clear a challenge in CHALLENGE Mode.
DaytonaUSA Achievement Survive5000.png Survive: 5000 20 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png
Log over 5000 in SURVIVAL Mode.
DaytonaUSA Achievement KaraokeRacer.png Karaoke Racer! 30 PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Play KARAOKE Mode until the end.
DaytonaUSA Achievement 100Hits.png 100 hits 20 PlayStation Trophy Silver.png
Hit the sign or road cone 100 times. (no. of hits is the cumulative total)
Totals: 200 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.pngx7 PlayStation Trophy Silver.pngx4 PlayStation Trophy Gold.pngx1 

Daytona USA

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