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Override music


All music can be overridden in game by holding one of the VR buttons during the "Gentlemen start your engines" screen. VR1 plays "The King of Speed", VR2 plays "Lets Go Away", VR3 plays "Sky High" and VR4 plays the secret bonus track, "Pounding Pavement". The latter can be accessed in the Saturn game by holding Z on this screen.

Race in reverse


While the game will initially yell at you for doing so, it is fully possible to drive around tracks in reverse. A reverse lap is treated legitimately, and you'll still get time extensions. You can even finish the race while driving in reverse, though you will always be placed in last position.

Return to track


If you are off-road and stopped, pressing Select will return you to the track.

Time attack mode

DaytonaUSA Model2 TimeAttack.png

Time attack mode can be enabled by holding Select in the transmission select screen.

Fifth view


By holding VR2, VR3 and VR4 at once, a secret fifth birds eye view is enabled.

Three-Seven Speedway slot machine


Three-Seven Speedway contains strange slot machine banners, which can be manipulated by pressing the Select button. Getting three 7s will give you seven seconds of extra time, with three BARs giving you an extra five. Three cherries will give you a random amount of extra time. The game only allows you to do this once during a race, though with multiplayer games every user can trigger it.

You Just Lost Your Sponsors

DaytonaUSA Model2 LostSponsors.png

In Dinosaur Canyon, take the first left from the starting position and persue the road backwards. The road bends to the right and leads to a dead end, where the player will be greeted with a sign that reads "CONGRATULATIONS You Just Lost Your Sponsors!".

Upside-down Jeffry

DaytonaUSA Model2 JeffryBackwards.png

Jeffry Mcwild from Virtua Fighter appears as a statue in Sea-Side Street Galaxy. Travel in the wrong direction for more than two laps, and he'll appear upside-down.

Make Jeffry Dance

DaytonaUSA Model2 JeffryBreakdance1.png
DaytonaUSA Model2 JeffryBreakdance2.png
DaytonaUSA Model2 JeffryBreakdance3.png

If the player comes to a stop nearby and repeatedly presses Select (X in the Saturn version), Jeffry will breakdance (or at least, spin on the spot and flip upside-down).

High score jingles

Like some of Sega's other games, giving specific initials in the results screen will trigger jingle tracks from previous Sega titles:

NAG Virtua Racing MAS ??? GOS ??? MIT ???
ARI ??? YAS Virtua Racing DEK ??? OSA ???
GOM ??? D.K ??? MAC ??? KAG ???
MIY ??? KEN ??? H.O Hang-On S.H Space Harrier
O.R OutRun A.B After Burner P.D Power Drift V.R Virtua Racing
V.F Virtua Fighter SHO Super Hang-On SMG Super Monaco GP G.F Galaxy Force
R.M Rad Mobile S.C Stadium Cross EXN F1 Exhaust Note S.F Strike Fighter
GLC G-Loc: Air Battle TOR Turbo OutRun ORS OutRunners GPR GP Rider
F.Z Fantasy Zone E.R Enduro Racer SDI SDI QTT Quartet
VMO Vermillion T.B Thunder Blade

Saturn-exclusive cheats

Karaoke mode

DaytonaUSA Saturn JP SS Karaoke.png

When using a normal number of laps, holding Up and selecting a track using C enables "karaoke mode", with the lyrics of the music being shown in-game.

Maniac Mode


Entering the code UpUpDownDownLeftRightLeftRightABC makes the opponent cars far more faster and aggressive. The mode is depicted by a small "M" in the top-left hand corner of the screen.



The Japanese/PAL versions of the game use kph as a measurement of speed while the US version uses mph. This can be reversed by holding XYZ on the second control pad and pressing Select on the first.

Race as a horse

DaytonaUSA Saturn JP SS UMA.png

While the horse is unlocked by landing in first place on every track, holding Up-leftABX and Z on the title screen, then pressing Select will save you the bother. The "automatic" horse is brown, while the "manual" horse is grey and both can travel as fast on grass as they can on tarmac. They also cannot take damage and so can use the pit lanes like normal roads.

(Officially) Race in reverse

DaytonaUSA Saturn JP SS Mirror.png

While in Saturn mode, holding Select and selecting a track with C allows players to officially race tracks in reverse.


Daytona USA
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