Masahiko Kobayashi

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Masahiko Kobayashi
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer

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Masahiko Kobayashi (小林 雅彦), also known as Match or Macchi (マッチ), is a former programmer at Sega of Japan. He was well-known for his antics at Studio 128 and Sega R&D 8,[1] such as refusing to let the president of Sega into his room because Yu Suzuki had said to not "anyone" into their top-secret After Burner development studio,[2][3] or debugging G-LOC: Air Battle without permission or a partner, eventually being trapped in the cabinet for 2 hours.[3][4]

Achacha, final boss of Dynamite Dux, was modelled after Kobayashi, depicting his beard, which was also referenced in After Burner with the phrase "BE CAREFUL! - MATCH'S WEAPON IS BEARD AND OIL.".

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