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Rad Mobile
System(s): Sega System 32
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-2
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Arcade (System 32)
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Arcade (System 32)
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Arcade (System 32)
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Rad Mobile is an arcade racing game which was released in 1991 using the Sega System 32 platform. It was Sega's first System 32 game and is also the first game which Sonic the Hedgehog appeared in.


Rad Mobile takes place in the first person perspective. The race is a speed race across the USA where the player is limited by time, Police on Certain stages, and weather effects. The game was very advanced for the time as the player had to interact by pressing buttons to activate the Widow screen wipers on the car and the headlights depending on the current stage.

The Difficulty and speed of Police and Rival cars is determined by the dip switch settings and the settings in the service menu.


  • Stage 1: Los Angeles - Day
  • Stage 2: Mojave Desert - Day
  • Stage 3: Las Vegas - Night
  • Stage 4: Provo - Rain
  • Stage 5: Salt Lake City - Day
  • Stage 6: Rocky Mountains - Day
  • Stage 7: Cheyenne -Thunder Storm
  • Stage 8: Lincoln - Night
  • Stage 9: Omaha - Day
  • Stage 10: Kansas City - Fog
  • Stage 11: St. Louis - Night
  • Stage 12: Springfield - Rain
  • Stage 13: Chicago - Day
  • Stage 14: Indianapolis - Night
  • Stage 15: Cincinnati - Day
  • Stage 16: Columbus - Dusk
  • Stage 17: Pittsburgh - Night
  • Stage 18: Washington, D.C. - Fog
  • Stage 19: Philadelphia - Day
  • Stage 20: New York - Day

Some of the stages such as Springfield have multiple routes. It should also be noted that some stages have oncoming traffic.


Cabinet Types

Two different types of the cabinet were available. One a standard Upright Machine the other a deluxe cabinet which moved left and right depending on the position of the car and the position of the steering wheel.



Rad Mobile was updated and released as Gale Racer for the Sega Saturn in December 1994. This version makes a few changes, and was not released outside of Japan.

Production credits

  • Cabinet Design by: Asata Hirai
  • Mechanic Design by: Masao Yoshimoto, Noriaki Ueda
  • Cabinet Product by: Masaki Matsuno, Futoshi Itoh
  • Electric Design by: Masayuki Osada, Nobuyuki Kadoi
  • Hardware Design by: Masayuki Osada
  • Motor Controller Program by: Masayuki Osada
  • Game Program by: AM R&D 3rd
Source: Internal ROM text[3]

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

RadMobile System32 JP Flyer.pdf

JP flyer

RadMobile System32 DE Flyer.jpg

DE flyer (upright cabinet)

RadMobile System32 DE Flyer Deluxe.jpg

DE flyer (deluxe cabinet)

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