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The R360 is a special arcade cabinet developed by Sega, released in Japan in 1990 and worldwide in 1992. It was originally designed for G-LOC: Air Battle but its life was extended to support other games.

The main selling point of the R360 is, as its name may suggest, the ability to Rotate 360 degrees on any axis. So in G-LOC's case, if the player causes the jet plane to perform a barrel roll, the entire cabinet will rotate to attempt to simulate this movement in the real world. Predictably the immense weight of the cabinet and safety considerations means it does not respond well to quick movements.

Inside is a joystick, television screen, safety bar, and perhaps most importantly, an emergency stop button.

Reportedly the R360 was used in medical research, to help understand brain disorders affecting balance and coordination[1].

Compatible Games/Hardware

G-LOC: Air Battle (Sega Y Board)

G-LOC: Air Battle was originally released in 1990. A software update emerged along with the R360 cabinet making the game compatible. As well as a cabinet for playing games, Sega also classed the R360 unit as a ride, and thus included an option where players would simply sit in the unit and watch a rolling demo of the game, being rotated as they did so.

This version of the game is often called R360 G-LOC or G-LOC R360. The name was incorrectly adopted for home computer ports, even though, obviously, R360 peripherals were not available for the home.

Wing War (Sega Model 1)

The 1994 release of 'Wing War was also available for the R360 unit. Motion aside, it is presumed to be the same as the standard release.

Rumours also circulate which state that After Burner II and Strike Fighter may have been adjusted for use with the R360 cabinet.

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