Masao Yoshimoto

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Masao Yoshimoto
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1987-04-02[1] – )
Role(s): Engineer, General Manager
Education: Kindai University[1]

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Masao Yoshimoto (吉本 昌男) is a Japanese engineer and developer. He joined Sega on 2nd April 1987,[1] and held supervisory general manager roles at AM4, Mechatro, and Sega Sammy Creation during his career at the company, all making him a chief member of amusement machine design. His notable works included the R360, as well as cabinets for many of Sega's biggest arcade hits.[3] Following several retrospective interviews looking back on his achievements during 2020, Yoshimoto retired from Sega in February 2021. He received a 1:12 scale mini R360 as a parting gift from his colleagues.[4]

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