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Sega Golden Gun
System(s): Sega RingWide
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (RingWide)
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Sega Golden Gun is a light gun game released by Sega in 2010 for Sega RingWide hardware. It was developed by Sega of China, by the same team responsible for the The House of the Dead series. Many of the game's assets, including the engine itself, were ported directly from The House of the Dead 4. Sega Logistics Service announced it would end service on the machines on March 31, 2017.[1]


Players use their gold colored pistol - the "Golden Gun"- to escape a city filled with hordes of zombies, phantoms and other creatures. Unlike games in The House of the Dead series, the guns reload automatically, although the player can manually reload faster by shooting outside the screen. This game is also much less gory than similar Sega arcade titles - when shot, enemies simply dissolve into dust.

The game has three different stages, and players can select their own route during play, resulting in many different ways to complete the game. Various quick-time events occur in the course of the game, such as "Shoot the arch to block enemies," "Battle your secret rival," "Shoot down the incoming energy balls," and "Shoot the driver of the car". When this occurs, a "Shoot" prompt appears on screen, telling the player to shoot the target objects marked with red circles. If the player succeeds, 1000 pts. are awarded and enemy attacks are avoided.

If the player fails, he/she will have to battle many enemies or take damage. If there are two players, they may earn extra points by performing "co-op shots" on enemies. At the end of each level is a unique boss - a possessed god from traditional Chinese culture. Their weak points are revealed in the form of on-screen prompts before the boss battle begins. This game has the unique feature of allowing players to buy and upgrade additional lives, weapons, and shields with the points earned during gameplay.

Production credits

  • 世嘉(上海)软件有限公司 制作
  • 监制&首席游戏设计: 高桥和也
  • 游戏设计: 柳荫
  • 首席程序: 耿杰
  • Boss程序: 余多, 龚超
  • 敌人&事件程序: 张海滨
  • 技术美术: 施浩翀
  • 特效美术: 列华君
  • 原画美术: 张铭超, 俞歆悦, 魏铭
  • 首席场景美术: 杨思敏
  • 场景美术: 邵明珠, 张红梅, 张文宇, 程李
  • 首席角色美术: 钱力
  • 角色美术: 程李, 蒋毅, 邱嗣进, 侯然, 叶炯, 陈凯, 倪里宁
  • 角色动画: 董志银, 谌妤, 胡雯漪
  • 2D UI美术: 姜慧贤, 张铭超, 刘华君, 施浩翀
  • 道具美术: 程李, 金鉴, 费昱昱, 潘立
  • 声音创作: 黄强, 陈远
  • 特邀歌手: 光吉 猛修 (SEGA CORPORATION)
  • 特邀声优: 李目张, 鲍健运, 应军青
  • 开发支持: 李利辰, 胡旻颖, 杨延昭
  • 质量检测团队: 王赟, 滕紫霄
  • 英语翻译: 李妍, 樊舒旸, 何俊佳, Justin Burke (SEGA AMUSEMENT EUROPE)
  • 技术支援: 大戸孝二 (SEGA CORPORATION)
  • 特别吗谢: 《死亡之屋4》开发团队, 仁平孝佳 (SEGA CORPORATION)
  • 高级程序硕问: 緒方彰
  • 高级美术硕问: 工藤貴宏
  • 制作人: 内田誠
AM Product R&D Dept.
Produce Dept.
  • 制作人: 松山学
  • ©SEGA
  • Presented by SEGA
In-game credits (Chinese)[2]

  • Director & Lead Game Designer: Kazuya Takahashi
  • Game Designer: Liu Yin
  • Lead Programmer: Geng Jie
  • Boss Programmer: Yu Duo, Gong Chao
  • Enemy & Event Programmer: Zhang HaiBin
  • Technical Artist: Shi HaoChong
  • Effect Artist: Lie HuaJun
  • Concept Artist: Zhang MingChao, Yu XinYue, Wei Ming
  • Lead Environment Artist: Yang SiMin
  • Environment Artist: Shao MingZhu, Zhang HongMei, Zhang WenYu, Cheng Li
  • Lead Character Artist: Qian Li
  • Character Artist: Cheng Li, Jiang Yi, Qiu SiJin, Lu GuoZhen, Hou Ran, Ye Jiong, Chen Kai, Ni LiNing
  • Character Animator: Dong ZhiYin, Chen Yu, Hu WenYi
  • 2D User Interface Artist: Jiang HuiXian, Zhang MingChao, Liu HuaJun, Shi HaoChong
  • Object Artist: Cheng Li, Jin Jian, Fei YuYu, Pan Li
  • Sound Creator: Huang Qiang, Chen Yuan
  • Guest Vocalist: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (SEGA CORPORATION)
  • Guest Voice Actor: Li MuZhang, Bao JianYun, Ying JunQing
  • Development Support: Li LiChen, Hu MinYing, Yang YanZhao
  • QA Team: Wang Yun, Teng ZiXiao
  • English Localization: Li Yan, Fan ShuYang, He JunJia, Justin Burke (SEGA AMUSEMENT EUROPE)
  • Technical Support: Koji Ohto (SEGA CORPORATION)
  • Special Thanks: Development Team of "House of the Dead 4", Takayoshi Nihei (SEGA CORPORATION)
  • Senior Programmer: Akira Ogata
  • Senior Artist: Takahiro Kudo
  • Producer: Makoto Uchida
AM Product R&D Dept.
Produce Dept.
In-game credits (English)[2]

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