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Galaxy Force
System(s): Sega Y Board, Sega Master System
Arcade (Y Board)
Sega Master System
Activision (US)
Sega Master System
Sega (Europe)
Sega Master System
Tec Toy (Brazil)
Peripherals supported:
Sega Master System
FM Sound Unit
Genre: Arcade[1]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Y Board)
¥? ?
Arcade (Y Board)
$? ?
Arcade (Y Board)
£? ?

Sega Master System
Sega Master System
Sega Master System
Sega Master System
£27.9527.95[5] 29001
Sega Master System

Galaxy Force (ギャラクシーフォース) is a 1988 arcade game developed by Sega AM2 for Sega Y Board hardware. It is similar to other games released by the company at around this time (After Burner, Thunder Blade), being a third-person on-the-rails shooter reliant on sprite scaling effects.


In its original form, Galaxy Force is a four-level rail shooter in which you fly across various planets shooting enemies. Roughly two months after release, however, it was updated in the form of Galaxy Force II - a bug-fixed version of the game with extra levels. The vast majority of Galaxy Force cabinets were upgraded, and Galaxy Force II is often seen as the "definitive" version of the game, finding the original Galaxy Force is extremely difficult. It is also very rarely mentioned by Sega - Galaxy Force II almost always gets priority.


Galaxy Force II has been brought to several systems, but the original Galaxy Force was only ported to the Sega Master System, where it arrived in 1989. Though built by Sega, Activision handled distribution in the US, and though not released in Japan, it has an FM sound track intended for use with the Japanese-only FM Sound Unit.

The Master System Galaxy Force makes a number of significant cutbacks, including the scrapping of an entire stage and the energy meter, which in turn removes the time limit. Rotational effects have been removed entirely, and scaling is simplified, with much of the scenery removed in favour of waves of enemies. The net result is a game that plays more like the earlier Space Harrier, though is significantly shorter.

Production credits

Master System version

  • Co Producer and Co Coordinator: K.Muura
  • Coordinator: K.Yama
  • Designer: Y.Sadamony
  • Sound: K.Tukaara
  • Assistant Programmer: S.Fujida, M.Sakada, M.Yamamo
  • Assistant Designer: N.Ichikuwa, Y.Yamakuchi, T.Kawakuchi, K.Sasake
  • Programmer and Executive Producer: K.Tany
  • Presented by: Sega

Magazine articles

Main article: Galaxy Force/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Sega Y Board version

GalaxyForce Arcade US Flyer.pdf

US flyer

GalaxyForce Arcade JP Flyer.pdf

JP flyer

Master System version

Print advert in VideoGames & Computer Entertainment (US) #11: "December 1989" (1989-1x-xx)
Print advert in Computer & Video Games (UK) #97: "December 1989" (1989-11-16)
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Physical scans

Sega Y Board version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
80 [3]
100 [7]
Based on
2 reviews
Y Board, US
GalaxyForce YBoard US Manual.pdf
Y Board, JP

Master System version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
82 [8]
91 [9]
91 [10]
91 [11]
85 [12]
90 [13]
58 [14]
85 [15]
60 [16]
75 [17]
28 [18]
85 [19]
85 [20]
32 [21]
87 [22]
80 [23]
89 [24]
60 №67
Sega Master System
Based on
19 reviews
Master System, US
GalaxyForce SMS US Box.jpg
GalaxyForce SMS US Cart.jpg
Galaxyforce sms us manual.pdf
Master System, EU
GalaxyForce SMS EU Box.jpg
Master System, EU (Sega®)
GalaxyForce SMS EU R cover.jpg
Master System, BX
GalaxyForce SMS BX Box.jpg
Master System, PT
GalaxyForce SMS PT cover.jpg
Master System, BR
GalaxyForce SMS BR Box.jpg
GalaxyForce SMS BR Cart.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Master System
CRC32 a4ac35d8
MD5 96042c7a53dc6f9de13b7a32fa3e4035
SHA-1 54fe2f686fb9ec3e34b41d58778118b11f920440
512kB Cartridge (EU)
Sega Master System
CRC32 6c827520
MD5 dbaac7c72eb3e0bf9e6d70b799d62799
SHA-1 874289a1e8110312db48c5111fbf8e70b2426b5f
512kB Cartridge (US)


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Galaxy Force


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