Keiji Okayasu

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Keiji Okayasu
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer
Education: Shibaura Institute of Technology (Telecoms Engineering)[1]

Keiji Okayasu (岡安 啓司) is a former AM2 member known for his work on console titles. He took over for Toru Ikebuchi as main programmer for the Saturn release of Virtua Fighter and, by extension, Virtua Fighter Remix. He would then act as Director for the home release of its sequel. He is best known, however, as the Game and Program Director for Shenmue.

Okayasu is also known for Rent A Hero No.1, a game that failed to reach overseas. He served as Executive Producer; his last role with the company.

Okayasu left Sega the following September to found studio fake, Co.,Ltd. with Noriko Ishimoto, with the title of Vice President. He has since directed titles such as Custom Robo: Battle Revolution and Odama.

Following the Kickstarter success Shenmue III, he joined the development team of that title.

Production history

  • Sword of Vermillion (1989) — Manual Write, Main Program
  • Rent A Hero (1991) — Main Program
  • Shenmue II (Dreamcast Version) (2001) — Programmer (Special Thanks to)
  • Custom Robo: Battle Revolution (2004) — Director & Scenario (Custom Robo Staff)
  • Odama (2006) — Director
  • Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle (2007) — Director
  • Shenmue III (2017)— Director

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