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Devastator title.png
Publisher: Wolf Team
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
¥7,800 T-32074
Sega Mega-CD
₩? GD 0011 JT

Devastator (デバステイター) is a Sega Mega-CD game that mixes platforming action and horizontal shoot-'em-up sections, developed by Wolf Team and Telenet Japan. The game takes place in a cyberpunk world. It was only released in Japan and South Korea. The game is based on the OVA anime "D-1 Devastator" and features various anime sequences.


The player gets to pilot a giant red mechanoid, which can take up to 5 hits before exploding. A and C shoots and attacks with a chain mounted blade. This can be combined with the directional buttons to perform 4-way attacks in platforming stages. B is used for jumping in platforming stages and turning around in shooting stages. Down+B performs a dash in platforming stages. Points are accumulated by destroying enemies and collecting items. Power up items a dropped by flashing enemies.

Featured items are:

  • Laser (weapon)
  • Bomer(sic!) (weapon)
  • Shot (weapon)
  • Question mark item (bonus points)
  • Life (restores one bar of health)
  • 1UP

Each weapon has a maximum for 4 power levels

There are three difficulty levels to pick from. They only modify the fierceness of enemy attacks (e.g. bullets become faster). Enemy placement and damage received is not affected.

Losing a life takes the player back to the latest checkpoint.


  • Stage 1: City (platforming)
  • Stage 2: Bio-mechanized (platforming)
  • Stage 3: Clouds (shooting)
  • Stage 4: Sand-mechanized (platforming)
  • Stage 5: Jungle (shooting)
  • Stage 6: Palace (platforming)
  • Stage 7: Mountains (shooting)


  • The game uses of the Sega Mega-CD's scaling ability for the stage 2 boss
  • There is no checkpoint in the last stage
  • While the game keeps track of the score during play, there is no high score list or name entry screen. Players that want to keep track of their score need to quickly note it right after defeating the final boss
  • Attacking humans escaping from destroyed tanks gives one point of score. This could be an indication that attacking people is not endorsed (Single score points are often used to count the number of credits used and are thus not desired)

Production credits

  • Ryo: Toshihiko Seki
  • Kaoru: Yumi Tohma
  • Nami: Meena Tominaga
  • Jeldy: Fumi Hirano
  • Yamashiro: Kaneto Shiozawa
  • Yuuka: Mika Kanai
  • Ethiman: Tessyoh Genda

Magazine articles

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