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Disney Interactive
Founded: 1995
T-series code: T-239
Merged into: Disney Interactive Studios (2007)

Disney Interactive, a division of The Walt Disney Company was established in 1995 to produce video games based on various Disney licenses. Starting as Disney Interactive, it was a continuation of the Walt Disney Computer Software division, which was shut down in 1996 due to an internal reorganization.

Around 2003 the company was re-branded as Buena Vista Games, Inc. with two publishing labels: Buena Vista Interactive for high-profile multi-platform titles and Disney Interactive for children's and entertainment software. The brands were not always used conclusively. Some games were marketed as Buena Vista Games without mention of any of the two brands.

This lasted until 2007 when Disney decided to re-merge the productions under the current name Disney Interactive Studios. The company owns various development studios: