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Unlock 900 Superlite Bike in Quick Race mode

DucatiWorld DC US Todd.png

Enter your name as TODDMCARTOR.

Unlock Fogarty Bike in Quick Race mode

DucatiWorld DC US FogartyBike1.png

DucatiWorld DC US FogartyBike2.png

Enter your name as THEDOGSNADS.

Unlock everything else in Quick Race mode

DucatiWorld DC US QuickRaceOpened1.png

DucatiWorld DC US QuickRaceOpened2.png

DucatiWorld DC US QuickRaceOpened3.png

Enter your name as ITSALLOVER.

1,000,000 cash in Ducati Life mode

DucatiWorld DC US LoadsaMoney1.png

DucatiWorld DC US LoadsaMoney2.png

Enter your name as GREEDYGIT.

Dunny Mode

DucatiWorld DC US DunnyMode.png

Enter your name as BADDRIVER. This will give you all the licenses in the Ducati Life mode.

The mode is almost certainly named after artist John "Dunny" Dunn.

View development team

DucatiWorld DC US Team1.png

Enter your name as TEAM. This will trigger a slideshow of the developers as cartoon characters.


Ducati World Racing Challenge

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