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Mega Drive version

HangMan's goal platform

DynamiteHeaddy MD Bug HangManPlatform.png

At the end of HangMan's practice room in Scene 2-1, the player is expected to jump onto the "GOAL" platform to finish training. If they stand on the very tip of the edge, Headdy can potentially fall off it, but the game will continue as if he stayed on the platform and fly off without him, exiting the room as normal[1].

Not fixed in any version.

Get stuck at the start of Scene 2-2

DynamiteHeaddy MD Bug Scene2-1Softlock.png

If, at the start of Scene 2-2, the player brings the HangMan platform too close to the ground and too far away from the wall, they will not be able to make it over the wall. To make matters worse, the platform will not be far away enough to reset to its original position if the player walks all the way to the left, and the D.D. Soldier will not respawn for the player to kill themselves on whether the player defeated him or not. As a result, the player is locked into a dead game and will have to reset.

Not fixed in any version.

Game Over softlock

DynamiteHeaddy MD GameOverSoftlock 1.png

Lose your last life while getting the Liberty Head...

DynamiteHeaddy MD GameOverSoftlock 2.png

...and the Game Over screen breaks.

In Scene 4-2, bring Headdy to low health on his last life and get the Pin Head power-up. Wait under one of the crushers and then hit HeadCase when the Liberty Head icon appears. Headdy will die with the Liberty Head active, and the game will try to load the bonus game and the Game Over screen at the same time, leading to the player being transported to the bonus game from the Game Over screen.

After the bonus game ends (by either success or failure), the player will be sent back to the Game Over screen, but will be in full control of Headdy and can move around the screen. After the audience boos, Headdy's speed and jump height will increase, but the player cannot exit off the sides of the screen, requiring a reset in order to leave[2].

Not fixed in any version.


Dynamite Headdy

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