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Record label:
Noom Records
Artist: Commander Tom
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Eyes is a techno album by German producer Tom Weyer, otherwise known as "Commander Tom". It was released in 1997.

The tenth track was developed in conjunction with Sega in order to promote the Sega Saturn fighting game, Fighters Megamix. This track, also called "Fighters Megamix", is credited to "Sega Project", and only appears in the CD version of the album. It has subsquently been re-released though compilations also published by Noom Records.

Track list

1. Are Am Eye? (Brainstorm Cut) (5:59)
Remix by: Brainstorm

2. Eye Bee M (7:25)

3. Kiss Myself (7:00)

4. Eye C Red (De Lûxe Mix) (6:51)

5. Dark Eyes (7:44)

6. Full Noom (6:05)

7. We Came to Groove (6:23)

8. F Bee Eye (7:46)

9. Round My Brain (100 bpm Symphony) (11:50)

10. Fighters Megamix (5:58)
Running time: 73:01

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