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System 16 version

Early version message

FantasyZone Arcade EarlyVersionMessage.png

A message that was used in an early build of the game exists within the game's code at subroutine 00A4BA, but is not referenced at any point. Edit the following into MAME's fantzone.xml cheat file to replace the high score table with this message[1]:

<cheat desc="Coming Soon Message">
    <script state="on">
      [email protected]=E370
      [email protected]=6000
      [email protected]=0116
    <script state="off">
      [email protected]=0074
      [email protected]=41FA
      [email protected]=0150

Famicom version

Sound test

FantasyZone Famicom SoundTest.png

Press Left on Controller 2 33 times during the credits. A sound test screen will then appear after the credits end. Press Select to cycle through songs, then press Select to play the selected song.

NES version

Level skip

Pause the game with Select, then press B A B A Select Select to skip to the next level.


Fantasy Zone
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